14 Tornadoes Across Northeastern Colorado Monday
Memorial Day's severe weather produced very little damage despite numerous reports of hail and 14 different tornadoes. Since 1991, Colorado has averaged 53 tornadoes per year; we took quite a 'chunk' out of that average number in a single afternoon with those 14 across Fort Morgan, Kit Carson, Washington, and Weld Counties. Here's a link to the full NWS report released late Tuesday.
Severe Weather
Twin Tornadoes in Nebraska, more Severe Weather in Forecast
Yesterday's severe weather outbreak turned deadly in Nebraska as several strong tornadoes touch down across the state. The two confirmed fatalities are the first since 2004 for the state, as tornadoes ripped through small communities Monday afternoon. Among the tornadoes that touched down yesterday were two rare "twin tornadoes". These two tornadoes were responsible for much of the damage in northeast Nebraska Monday afternoon as they pushed through the small town of Pilger, NE. Take a look at