Weather Stats
No Tornadoes Recorded Through First Half of March, a Rare Feat for The United States
The first half of March 2015 recorded zero tornadoes in the United States. The only time this has happened in the last 65 years was in March of 1969. Only 17 times has the start of March seen less than 10 tornadoes between 1950 and 2013. The 63 year average is 27.66 tornadoes nationwide through the first 15 days of March. Despite a slow start, this isn't necessarily telling for how the severe weather season as a whole will play out. In 1969, for example, the year ended with 608 tornadoes – whi
Severe Weather
Tornadoes Rip Through Upper Midwest
The large tornado outbreak Sunday that ripped through the upper midwest has claimed six lives and injured hundreds across five states. The Storm Prediction Center fielded hundreds of reports of tornadoes Sunday, and through filtering and cross checking have narrowed down to 82 initial tornado reports as of this morning. These numbers are preliminary (duplicates likely), and will be adjusted over the days and weeks to come. Nevertheless, this was certainly a very large tornado outbreak for Novemb