Least Snowy March on Record for Denver; Season Least Snowiest to Date as Well

Weather5280 was started with the hopes and dreams of communicating epic snows and working exhaustively on continuous snowfall projections. That's still the dream. Like the Seven »

Dreaming Of A White Christmas in Denver?

A white Christmas in Denver is not rare, but certainly not common either. Historically, 38% of Christmas Days have had snow on the ground and only »

Denver's Snowless Fall Closes in on Record Delay

As of Tuesday, Denver remains snowless on the season, which is only the 13th time the city has not recorded snowfall in August, September, and October »

Rainfall Deficit Climbing for Denver

For many of us, summer conditions have dried us out greatly. Denver is now over 2" drier than average this summer, and nearly 1" drier than »

It's Not Just You, This Summer's Been Hot Across Northeast Colorado

We're nearly two thirds of the way through meteorological summer (June 1 – August 31), and so far, 2016 has been a very warm summer indeed. While »