Winter Storm
Winter storm will bring rain and snow to portions of Colorado Wednesday night through Thursday
While some of us will see fog and drizzle overnight tonight and Tuesday, we continue to track a larger storm system due to arrive for the latter half of the workweek. Data do not show a tremendous amount of change from how things looked yesterday. Models continue to track the system more north than south, putting the Palmer Divide, northern urban corridor, and far northern Plains under the heaviest
Storm Update
Heavy snow from Boulder to Fort Collins, Denver's best chance of snow still ahead
Nothing in the evening data to suggest we're headed for a bust, as snowfall probabilities are highest since March blizzard tonight across Northern Colorado. In fact, some models are pulling heavier snow south into Denver, Castle Rock, and even northern/western Colorado Springs tonight. We showed the HRRR forecast earlier today [/blog/2019/11/25/minor-forecast-adjustments-as-we-await-first-flakes-heavy-snow-across
Storm Update
Minor forecast adjustments as we await first flakes, heavy snow across Northeast Colorado tonight into Tuesday
Not too much change to the going forecast, only minor adjustments as we try to figure out what ultimately this thing is going to do. A Winter Storm Warning goes into effect at 8pm this evening, and will continue into Tuesday afternoon. From the National Weather Service in Boulder: > * WHAT...Heavy snow expected. Winds gusting as high as 40 mph. > * WHERE...From the Denver metro area and Castle Rock north to Boulder and Longmont, Greeley, and Fort Morgan. > * WHEN...Snow will develop t
Winter Storm
Potent winter storms moves through Monday night, but will it be a direct hit or near miss?
As we covered yesterday on Weather5280 Insider , our targeted active period for winter weather is upon us, and with it another chance of snow for Northern Colorado following quickly on the heels of yesterday's snow. Today there is better consensus on the modeling for this next system, but the devil is in the details. While the trend overall has been toward the GFS solution (a deeper, more impactful snow eve
Snowfall Forecast
Winter Weather Highlights in Place, Heavy Snow for Some, Avoid Travel West and South of Denver This Evening if Possible
Not much change this morning as compared to our update yesterday . Models have done their usual back and forth with placement of heaviest QPF, but... all in all everything appears to be on track. Main updates today are that the National Weather Service has issued a Winter Weather Advisory for Denver for this evening, and a Warning for Colorado Springs. The Denver Advisory focuses on heavy snow potential this evening,
Winter Storm
Winter Storm Watch Posted as Blizzard Takes Aim at Northeast Colorado
Another consistent 24 hours from the modeling since our update yesterday , with a major winter storm set to bring strong winds and areas of heavy snow to Northeast Colorado by Wednesday, prompting a Winter Storm Watch to be posted by the National Weather Service. While apparently the NWS does not issue Blizzard Watches anymore –– let's be clear, that's exactly what this is. Much of eastern (especially nort
Snowfall Forecast
Snow Likely Tomorrow, Heavy for Some
If you're like me and always hoping for a sneaky "boom" snowfall, these are exactly the types of setups you should like. My unscientific take is that when models show a big storm a week out it likely won't materialize, but when they catch it late there is a fighting chance. Interestingly, two weeks ago this system was a lock on most of the medium range models. Then they lost it. But, as we mentioned in last week's SOTA, it didn't mean take your eye off it. Yesterday we started seeing several mo
State of the Atmosphere
The State of the Atmosphere: Sunday, December 23, 2018
Well, it's been quite a week tracking the coming week's weather-maker. Let's first take a quick step back, then see how things are looking for this week. It's bee a warm month nationally. This, despite a cold start to the month for much of the country. Once more our analog package looks like it'll do very well this month overall. The last week of the year looks to be colder across the west as several troughs are set to bring an active finish to the month for m
Storm Update
Saturday PM Update: A Check on the Rain, Snow, and Wind Impacting Colorado This Weekend
After a high of 60 degrees just after noon today , temperatures have fallen into the 30s and 40s across the region behind the passage of the front and associated rain showers. Overall, not much change to the going forecast for several days now. Impacts continue to look minimal for the greater Denver area, with a 40 - 50% chance of snow showers continuing through the night. Any accumulation across the metro area is expected to be light, with most neighborhoods not seeing any
Snowfall Forecast
Winter Weather Advisory Posted for Denver; Bumping Up Snow Totals a Bit
A banded snowfall event is more likely, meaning some of you will overperform on this storm by measuring quite a bit more snowfall than others. It's been interesting watching data come in today. The typical bottom-falls-out with regard to QPF numbers hasn't happened –– in fact, the opposite in some cases. It's still hard to get overly excited about this system after what happened this week, but could we see it over-perform in some areas? Absolutely. Cold temperatures, long duration, decent jet a
Snowfall Forecast
Forecast Update: A Blast of Winter
Well, leave it to the last weekend in April to dig us out of our least snowy season on record? Perhaps. We'll need 2.0" at Denver International Airport to best minimum snowfall season record holder of 21.3" set in 1888-89. The National Weather Service in Boulder has issued a Winter Storm Warning for Denver, calling for 6 - 12" of snow for the city. This would certainly get the job done at DIA. The Warning goes into effect at 6pm this evening and extends through 6pm Saturday. As with our update
Denver Forecast
Chilly Temps Take Aim; Some Snow on the Way Too
As we discussed last night , a wintry change is on the way this week as arctic air spills south, and a chance for snow moves in for Tuesday and Tuesday night across northeast Colorado. Still some uncertainty today with regard to how much snow we see from this system. The NAM and GFS models are both producing quite a bit of snow around here, while the EURO and Canadian are much drier. The latest off run of
Denver Forecast
Saturday PM Update: Tracking Cold and Potential Snow for Upcoming Week
As we discussed at length in our Insider update last week, some cold air is on the way for this upcoming week, as well as at least a chance for snow across the region. While models have been fairly consistent in bringing snow to the Denver area with this system, they've flip-flopped quite a bit on exactly how much. With these types of systems, generally models have a tendency to overdo QPF, and I think we've seen that a lot over the last several day
PM Update
Wednesday PM Update: Tracking Potential for Significant Spring Storm this Weekend
There's really not a whole lot of change in how things look today as compared to our update yesterday . The GFS (American model) continues to wobble with temperatures (currently showing little snow at lower elevations), and the EURO continues to hammer northeast Colorado with a big-time April snowstorm. It's still too early to say exactly how things are going to line up for any given location, especially at lower elevatio
Winter Storm
GFS Leans Snow as Weekend Forecast Continues to Evolve
We're continuing to track what looks like an active weekend of weather for the region as a large, upper level low will move into the southwestern United States and bring rain, snow, and severe storms to Colorado, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska and Wyoming over the course of several days. Tuesday morning models A review of today's 6 am models tells us several things. To begin with, there is still a great deal of uncertainty surrounding this system and what its eventual impacts on t
Snowfall Totals
Mapped Snowfall Totals for March 23, 2016 Colorado Blizzard
Yesterday evening we shared some postmortem thoughts on our big time snow Wednesday, so check it out if you haven't already. This morning we crunched some numbers, and wanted to share with you all a few maps of the storm. Snowfall totals from 1 to 2 feet were common across the metro area, with areas northwest of Denver seeing some of the most impressive totals. In the city itself, totals from 14 - 18" were common, t
Snowfall Totals
March Storm Delivers Wintry Wallop to Northeast Colorado
When we said we were leaning closer to the ECMWF over the other global models, we should have leaned a little harder. Interestingly enough, the ECM model nailed this system all runs but one – yesterday's morning run. Its deterministic consistently showed >8" for much of Denver, with pockets of 12"+ across northeast Colorado. Yesterday it came more in line with our forecast, which was certainly a confide
Winter Storm
Storm Update: Evening Models Upping Snow Totals
While the core of our forecast remains intact, tonight's computer models are suggesting that even more snow is possible. This is especially true for the city of Denver and even the Palmer Divide. A few things give us pause for jumping on this sizable increase in forecast totals: 1)The storm will be moving through pretty quickly 2) It will be snowing during the daytime, which usually reduces snow accumulation this time of year 3) Temperatures will be hovering around freezing all day. That factore
Snowfall Forecast
Tuesday PM Update: Latest Thoughts on Snow Chances; Big Changes on The Way
We won't be making any adjustments to our snowfall forecast from last night at this time. Only change will make is taking the BI up a notch on the southwest side, and lowering it a notch across the plains. For Denver and north we'll lower the BI, as 1 - 2" (low range forecasts) should be manageable. After highs today again climbing into the mid and upper 60s across eastern Colorado – rain, snow, wind, and chilly temperatures are back in the forecast beginning tonight and extending through Wednes
Snowfall Forecast
Snowfall Forecast for Tuesday PM – Wednesday Storm
Just a quick update tonight mostly to share our initial snowfall forecast for our storm system due in Tuesday night and Wednesday. If you missed our update from earlier today, you can find it here . Overall, not a lot of change tonight. The 0z NAM is in and looks much snowier than its previous two runs, in many respects seems to be playing a bit of catch up with the EURO. The 0z GFS just came in as well and has recovered a bit fr
Forecast Discussion
Midweek Plains Snow Looks Increasingly Likely
While fire danger is high and temperatures are warm today, we're still tracking big changes to the weather as early as Tuesday night across eastern Colorado. While a fair amount of uncertainty about the details remains, confidence continues to grow that a strong winter storm will impact the region from Tuesday night and on into Thursday, bringing the chance for heavy snowfall, wind, and much colder temperatures to the plains of Colorado. As we discussed in yesterday's State of the Atmosphere [/
Snowfall Totals
Snowfall Totals; Snow Showers and Chilly Temperatures Linger
Scattered snow showers continue at this hour, but additional daytime accumulation should be light, with the exception of a few foothill locations that may pick up an additional few inches through the day. Our storm will continue to exit the region through the remainder of the day, leaving behind very cold overnight temperatures Friday night into Saturday morning, before warming gets underway for the weekend. All winter weather highlights have been canceled for the Denver area, though a Winter St
Snowfall Forecast
Snowfall Begins; Winter Weather Advisory in Effect Tonight for Denver
No real change to the going forecast this afternoon as our system is progressing more or less as expected. After highs earlier this morning in the low to mid 40s around town, we've now dropped temperatures into the low to mid 30s, with scattered snow showers and flurries being reported across the metro area, and heavier bands of snow falling north in Fort Collins, Loveland and Greeley. Rain shouldn't be much of an issue with this system, as cold air is already making its presence felt. We conti
Winter Storm
Monday Midday Winter Storm Update: We're Cool, Hopefully
Here's a 24 hour water vapor loop of our system ending mid morning this morning. You'll see it spiral onshore in southern California yesterday, with the last frame ending with circulation over the Four Corners. A pretty good location for snowfall across eastern Colorado as this low continues to track east. Our best chance for accumulating snow is still ahead of us. Despite anxieties from many this morning, we tried to stress that the best snowfall potential comes Monday afternoon through Mond
Snowfall Forecast
Winter Storm Warning Posted; Updated Snowfall Forecast
The first "wave" of snow moved through Saturday night along with the quick drop of temperatures. The snow reports that came into us Sunday morning were mostly in the 1 to 3" range, but near Morrison there were some reports of about 4". There was quite a bit of ice that accumulated as that snow melted and then froze with the dropping temperatures. As we go forward, temperatures should remain cold enough so that we aren't seeing much icing outside of treated areas. What is to come will be a prolo