Here's the long list of weather records broken in Denver over the last five days

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It's been an incredible and unforgettable five days of weather along the Front Range of Colorado and across the Eastern Plains.

In the last five days Denver has either set or tied two daily record highs, set a new monthly record high (of 101°F!), tied the earliest freeze on record, and set or tied two record lows among a myriad of other mind-blowing stats.

Here's the list, hold on!

September 5th: Latest 100°F reading on record for Denver
With the temperature breaking 100°F on Saturday at Denver International Airport, September 5th became the latest 100°F day on record for the city in 146 years of record keeping. Prior to 2019 the latest on record was August 16th. In 2019 the city hit 100°F on September 2nd.

September 5th: Record high for month of September
The previous record for high temperature for September in Denver was 100°F, set in 2019. On Saturday the high topped out at 101°F at DIA, setting a new record high for the month.

September 5th: Daily record high
Needless to say, the 101°F also sets a new record high for September 5th. The prior record, also set last year, was 98°F.

September 6th: Ties daily record high
Denver tied the record high for the date with DIA hitting 97°F Sunday afternoon, a record first set back in 2013.

September 7th: 73rd 90°F day of the year, tying record set in 2012
Denver hit 93°F on Monday marking the 73 day of the year where temperatures climbed above the 90°F mark. This ties the most on record first set in 2012, followed in second place at 61 days set in 2000. On average the city sees 31 days each year where the temperature is 90°F or warmer.

September 8th: Tie for earliest freeze, daily record low
Denver dropped to 31°F on Tuesday morning tying the earliest freeze on set first back in 1962. The freeze came just 16 hours after a high of 93°F on Monday afternoon, marking a 62°F temperature drop from Monday afternoon to Tuesday evening.

September 8th: 62°F two day temperature drop falls short of top 10 list
The temperature fell from 93°F Monday afternoon to 31°F Tuesday evening in Denver, marking a 62°F two-day drop in temperature (the records are kept midnight to midnight, not a 24 hour period). This falls short of the top 10 two-day temperature drops on record (the record is 76°F set in December of 2008), but is likely one of the largest temperature swings on record for September. Most of the city's largest temperature swings come during the winter months, when the ground is cooler, the days are shorter, and there's snow cover across the region.

September 8th: 2nd earliest snow on record (earliest on record for DIA)
Tuesday's snowfall of 1.0" at Denver International Airport inches tied the record for the second earliest snowfall on record for Denver set back in 1962. This also is the earliest snow on record for Denver since moving its official station to DIA, breaking the old record of October 5th, 2012.

Shortest time between last 100°F day and first snowfall in Denver
Three days. Hard to imagine that record will be in jeopardy any time soon. The average number of days before the last 100 and first snowfall is 85 days, with the previous shortest period being 20 days.

September 8th: 3rd wettest day of 2020
On Tuesday Denver picked up 0.72" of precipitation, making it the 3rd wettest day of the year at DIA, and the wettest since May – what an incredibly dry summer it was! Only May 24th (0.94") and March 19th (0.74") saw more precipitation in a day than on Tuesday.

September 9th: Ties daily record low
The temperature bottomed out at 31°F Wednesday morning, tying the record low for the date first set in 1962.

September 9th: Record cold high
This one hasn't verified yet, but we're feeling confident enough in today's forecast that we think we'll set this record with plenty of room to spare. The current record coldest max temperature is 53°F set back in 1989. The current high forecast for Denver is 41°F, so we should have no problem crushing this record, even if our forecast is off by 10°F+.

A timeline:

Other notable stats from around the state:

September 6th: New record high for Colorado in September
La Junta hit 108°F on Sunday, September 6th. This sets a new record high for the STATE of Colorado, breaking the old record of 107°F in Eads, CO set on September 3rd, 1947. Oh, and by the way it was snowing there this morning.

Boulder record earliest first freeze and snow
Boulder set a record high of 99°F on Sunday, the latest high of 99°F or hotter on record for the city. Two days later the city picked up its earliest measurable snow on record, and set a new record for earliest freeze.

Earliest snowfall on record for Fort Collins
Fort Collins picked up 2.3" of snow from this system a record earliest for the city. The previous record was beat by four days, the previous record being September 12th.

And finally... On September 7, Las Animas reported a high temperature of 106°, hottest for the state that day. September 8, Leadville reported a low of 18°, coldest for the state that day. Pretty big high and low difference for the state, summing up very well what has been just a remarkable stretch of weather this week.