image: Denver Weather: Uptick in storms expected today, cooler too, a weekend peekDenver Weather

Denver Weather: Uptick in storms expected today, cooler too, a weekend peek

Below average temperatures for a change today, plus we will see an uptick in storms around the metro area. In terms of chances, there is a definite focus of storminess for Southern Colorado and Plains east of the city. For timing, the metro area has its highest chance of a storm from 1 to 5 pm. Here's a timeline for all of us. Notice how the storms start off few and far between, then merge into bigger "lines" of storms as they move east onto the Plains. The overall risk of severe weather is
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Colorado Weather Tuesday: Turning stormy, including Denver, with higher risk of damaging storms over plains
If you did not receive rain Monday, you have additional chances ahead including today. There may be too much rainfall in isolated cases leading to some flooding but the overall risk associated with tornadoes, wind, and hail are higher over the southeastern corner of the state. Today's chance of a storm - severe or not: Today's areas where the risk of a severe storm is higher: Today's timeline of estimated locations and movement of the thunderstorms: As we look at the hourly planner, our chan
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Denver breaks 146-year record high; Increased storm chances with cooling through midweek
We've been cooking over the last couple of days. Denver set two new record highs over the last four days, and came close the other two days. * Thursday: 98°F (Record 102°F (1954)) * Friday: 102°F (NEW Record – Prior 101°F (1971)) * Saturday: 99°F (Record 100°F (2003)) * Sunday: 101°F (NEW Record – Prior 100°F (1878)) We'll shave a few degrees off highs this afternoon in the Mile High City, but it'll still be nothing short of hot. Blended guidance tops the city out at 97°F this afternoon,
image: Record heat wave likely this weekend, Boulder fire breaks outDenver Weather
Record heat wave likely this weekend, Boulder fire breaks out
An intense heat wave is taking hold across Colorado today and into the weekend. We're expecting the potential for 3 or 4 days of 100+ in Denver. A stretch like that has only occurred 6 times in since records have been kept since 1872. The "official" record at DIA which dates back to 1994 has occurred 5 times. ⬇️ Below is a look at current alerts from the NWS ⬇️ Heat advisories stretch along I-25 and over most of the eastern plains including the I-76 and HWY 50 corridors. The main message wit
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Denver Weather: Heatwave expected through the weekend, multiple records possible
Hot and mostly dry weather will arrive by and will stick around through the weekend. For Denver, three daily record temperatures may fall with 100°s expected three straight days. Here are the forecast highs for points around the region. Now, take that image and see how far from record high temperatures those forecast highs are and we have: Cheyenne, Denver, Colorado Springs, Scottsbluff, and Grand Junction all have several chances to best the existing record high temperatures. For Denver, Sun
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4th of July Weekend: Warm Saturday, Showers Sunday?
Hey all, hope you had a wonderful holiday! Seems like it might have been a buy one get 10 free at the fireworks shop this year... Anyways, what a day of weather to celebrate! It was very mild considering the last decade of mostly hot Independence Days. Colorado Springs saw it's coolest since 2010 with a high of 81. For Denver, only the 2nd coolest since 2010, last year only made it to 78! We've got really nice stuff to kick off our Friday too. Plenty of blue sky along the front range. It is a
Fourth of July Forecast
Colorado weather: A look at temperatures and storm chances as we head into the holiday weekend
All in all a pretty darn good looking July 4th forecast for folks living along the Front Range, and really most of Colorado. Some isolated storms to deal with, but activity doesn't look all too widespread, gusty wind at times, and temperatures will cool into the low 80s for Thursday and Friday as well. Here's the hourly planner for the Denver metro area, taking you through early Saturday morning: For folks east of Denver and in and around Colorado Springs, today could feature a bit more in t
Heat Wave
Hot June across Colorado, what's ahead for July; Beryl booms
As early as May, there were plenty of signals that June was going to be a hot one across Colorado. It's likely the data was even underdone a bit. are some charts on how hot it actually got. Both Denver and Colorado Springs experienced their second hottest June on record! However, you look back to 2012 for both locations, we were still shy of that year by a good amount. A testament to the parched springs and scorching summer which birthed the infamous Waldo Canyon Fir
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Denver area weather: Storms electrify your afternoon and evening plans
There are storms floating around, mostly over the Castle Rock area, as of 4 p.m. The chance for storms around the metro area continues through the early evening. What's the worry? Lightning will be pretty legit for a time, plus severe wind and hail threats. For the mountains, a steady supply of thunderstorms will create risks not just from the lightning but for flash flooding too. Storms moved east from the high country after lunch. Just after 4 pm, the radar was "lighting up" over Douglas Co
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Denver Weather: A guide to your weekend weather
Periodic storms will grab attention today through Sunday, with large hail and damaging wind being the primary threat Friday for the northeastern corner of the state. Gusty wind will be possible throughout the weekend for the Denver area, where temperatures will be coolest Saturday. Let's summarize the weekend in one graphic, hourly temperatures are along the top and rainfall chances along the bottom. With 90s Friday, 80s Saturday, and 90s Sunday we maintain about a one in three chance of seei
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Denver Weather: Stormy for city, severe weather risks cover Colorado
The number of storms that likely impact the state today will increase markedly and many of us have a risk of damage from severe storms. Thankfully, Wednesday's activity didn't produce much by way of severity and we can hope the same for today but I'm prepared with my hail cover just the same. Here's an overall outlook for the chances of a thunderstorm, followed by the areas of greatest concern for damaging storms. In terms of flooding, that risk is likely highest for the mountains. In terms of
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Denver weather: Severe weather develops, watch may be issued this afternoon
UPDATE: As of 3pm, thunderstorm development is increasing and there is consideration for a severe thunderstorm watch issuance for the metro areas. Conditions are being watched closely to see if any alerts need be issued. ORIGINAL POST: Tuesday hit 100°, the first triple digits since August 2022, but today cools slightly and you'll see more thunderstorms, some damaging with large hail, wind, and heavy rainfall. Today's highs will be closer to the lower and middle 90s. Here's an hourly timeline
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Denver Weather: City hits 100° first time since 2022, storms on the horizon
As of 3pm, Denver was sitting at 99° - the record for today is 105° (the hottest temperature ever recorded officially here), with storms in the distance to offer a brief cooldown for a few folks. EDIT: As of 4pm, Denver officially hit 100° this afternoon. This is the first 100° day since August 5th, 2022, when the city hit 101; note that there were no 100s last year. The most 100° days on record is from 2012 with 13 days, followed by 2005 with 7, and then 2022 with 5.
Heat Wave
Heat Advisory in place through Tuesday for Denver metro area
Temperatures climbed into the upper 90s on Sunday and are forecast to do so again today and tomorrow before perhaps shaving a few degrees off highs on Wednesday. The heat has been much anticipated , though this offers little relief to hear. The NWS in Boulder has issued a Heat Advisory for the metro area, which extends from this morning through Tuesday evening. A Poor Air Quality
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Colorado weather: Temperatures heating up as we officially kick off summer
The record heat we saw across the Northeast U.S. in recent days will ease as the ridge across the east breaks down and we see ridging establish itself again in the west. The big ridge in the east was matched by a quite impressive trough across the mountain west as well. The chilly temps meant snow for a good portion of Montana this week, including a foot of the white stuff in Glacier National Park! > Good Morning, Glacier National Park! Some areas of Montana saw a fresh 12” of snow overnight
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Monday weather: Heightened risk of tornadoes across NE CO today, hot & windy in Denver metro area
The northeastern corner of Colorado has a higher risk of tornadoes today than recent thunderstorm days. This risk is up to 5% from near Sterling toward North Platte, NE. 5% may not sound like much, but it is a significant chance when discussing tornadoes. What does this mean for Denver? Today, we are hot and windy and in dangerous fire conditions should one ignite. Tomorrow, we cool off for the week. This alert map for Colorado includes quite a bit related to heat and wind. We may see thunders
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Denver Weather: Severe storm threat includes chance of damaging hail and tornadoes
Friday will be cooler, with potentially severe thunderstorms arriving in the afternoon. With these storms comes a risk of damaging hail and wind, so a good idea to have your garden covers ready. Here is the overall look at the odds of getting a thunderstorm today. From that, the areas with the higher risk of damaging storms is here in the yellow shaded region, which does include most of the metro locations. So, anyone east of the mountains may have a rather powerful thunderstorm today, but a
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Colorado Weather: Denver's poor air quality, Colorado Springs under Heat Advisory
Record-setting heat returns Thursday across the state, with poor air quality across the Denver metro area and Northern Front Range. Friday, however, offers a stormier outlook which will cool us off a bit. Wednesday, Denver hit 97° adding to the record books for the date. The last time the city was this hot was September 1st, 2023 hitting 99°. Today's heat covers the state, but there are a few areas where the heat is considered "excessive" and the NWS has heat advisories in place. Here is a map
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Denver weather: Back to heat and bad air quality... oh joy!
After several stormy and cooler days, we become drier and hotter the rest of the week – throw in lousy air quality too. During the past week, we have had some impressive rainfall totals but there have also been a number of damaging hail reports - mine included. Here's a look at the total precipitation since Saturday: Let's look ahead to today, with isolated storms staying mostly south of I-70. Temperatures will reach the upper 80s, at least, this afternoon, before jumping to the 90s for Wedne
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Denver Weather: Guide to Monday's storms, when, where, and how bad are they going to be
Saturday was a significantly busy day of tracking severe thunderstorms over the Plains, Sunday was a bit quieter but the South Metro including Castle Rock got whacked around dinner time with flooding and hail. So, what's the 'skinny' on today's storms? Here's the where, when, and how bad... Where? This map will show the areas with highest probability of getting a storm today: When? This animation walks us through the next 18 hours to show approximate locations and times of the storms. How bad