image: The State of the Atmosphere: Sunday, October 18th, 2020State of the Atmosphere

The State of the Atmosphere: Sunday, October 18th, 2020

A cold front moved through last night around 9pm and thank goodness! While it won't deliver any appreciable moisture to Northern Colorado, the wind shift, cooler temperatures, increased humidity, and even some light drizzle all will help make today an altogether different day for fire fighting along the Front Range than what we saw with Saturday's explosive fire growth. Temperatures dropped into the 20s and 30s across Northeast Colorado Sunday morning, with relative humidity values from 90 to
Colorado Fires
New fire in Boulder County as Colorado fires continue to rage
The Cal Wood Fire northwest of Boulder has forced the mandatory evacuation of Jamestown today as yet another fire burns out of control in Colorado's Front Range mountains. Latest reports indicate that U.S.36 north of Boulder has now been closed, with flames approaching or even moving east of the highway. For a list of road closures and evacuation orders for this fire follow Boulder OEM here: You can find a map of evacuation and pre-evacuation areas here: https:
Insider Pro Update
Drought update & the outlook: October 15th, 2020
By now we look for hopeful signs of relief, however, the drought continues with little relief in sight for the driest areas. We near the 11/15 deadline for PRF insurance and many of you may be looking to build up heavy policies for early 2021. (see the very end of this article). The latest drought monitor continues to show the ongoing issues for the Four Corners region and the continued Extreme to Exceptional Drought in parts of Texas. Let's check the recent conditions via The National Droug
image: Wednesday AM update: Cooler again on Thursday, but still dryAM Update
Wednesday AM update: Cooler again on Thursday, but still dry
As we discussed in our last update, today's warm temperatures will be replaced by another shot of colder air to end the week. Thursday's highs aren't likely to top 60°F in Denver, with overnight lows Thursday into Friday likely to dip into the 20s across the metro area. If you still have irrigation on, you'll want to protect those exposed pipes over the next couple of nights. Below is a look at forecast highs across the region over the next seven days. Quite warm today for most locations, with
Denver Forecast
A mostly dry cool down arrives Sunday, temperatures to remain above average
We've been tracking a cool down for some time now, set to arrive Sunday and bring temperatures across Northeast Colorado closer average for this time of year. A couple of notes in today's update, both related. Temperatures aren't forecast to cool nearly as much as it once looked for your Sunday - Tuesday timeframe, and the front looks largely dry east of the mountains aside from some spotty showers. Still, instead of temperatures in the mid 80s or so, we'll see highs drop into the mid 70s for
Weather5280 Insider
Fall-like weather approaches
We haven't had many cool days and we've obviously have lacked rain and snow this early season as well. That will change for many of us by late in the weekend and early next week. This system will be a trough scooting through Sunday and Monday which will drag a cold front strong enough to drop temperatures some 20 to 30 degrees from where they are this week. Here's the GENS 500 pattern at midnight Monday. And, below at the surface at the same time temperatures will be cooling off. Let's flip
State of the Atmosphere
The State of the Atmosphere: Monday, October 5th, 2020
We've updated both our Insiders and Insider Pros in recent days with an extended outlook that looks much the same as it has for the month of October and likely beyond for much of the region . The pattern remains very persistent. The next five days especially will remain quite warm and dry. While highs in the
Insider Pro Update
A look at the latest NMME model data for the coming months
The latest NMME forecast is out, and remains very consistent with previous runs. It is also very bullish on the continued development and maintenance of the ongoing La Niña. The maps below show the model forecast sea surface temperature anomalies for the next several months. October November December January February March April You can see how the La Niña (blue shaded area in Central/Eastern Pacific Ocean) starts to go away in March and April. That is typically the case, especially whe
Weather5280 Insider
October outlook remains in persistence mode
October is likely to be warmer and drier than average across the region, who is shocked? September offered a bit of a twist from the record breaking heat of the summer. There were three record highs, the latest date of a 100-degree day for the city , and the month ends warmer than average despite the season's first snow and freeze that came the 8th, 9th, and 10th with record
State of the Atmosphere
The State of the Atmosphere, Sunday, September 27th, 2020
With this passage of the cold front this morning, today feels about as fall-like as any day so far this month across Northeast Colorado. Temperatures as of late morning were in the 40s and 50s across the region, which is about where they will stay for most of the day. Below is a look at observations across NECO as of 11:30 am, some 20 to 30°F cooler than the same time yesterday: Unfortunately, outside of a few light showers and and there this system won't deliver much in the way of moisture
Denver Forecast
Potential cold front hits Sunday
Record heat Thursday, with more records to fall – potentially – Friday and Saturday before a cold front slides through Sunday. Thursday his 90 degrees to set a new record high for the date, plus added another 90-degree day to the count of them this year which now is 75 and the most on Denver's record for any year. Friday to hit the 90s again, and near to 90 Saturday with mostly quiet weather otherwise. Sunday, however, may bring a cold front to knock us off the hot streak. Euro Sunday aftern
State of the Atmosphere
The State of the Atmosphere, Monday, September 21st, 2020
As we've been tracking since last winter, the forecast La Niña has established itself in the equatorial Pacific, and will be a big driver of our weather in the coming weeks and months ahead. You can read about what implications that may have on our winter patter in our most recent Insider post here: La Niña status and an updated look at analog years for the upcoming winterWe’ve been writing about La Niña for months now. It is established, and is getting stronger. You can see the sea surface an
Weather5280 Insider
La Niña status and an updated look at analog years for the upcoming winter
We've been writing about La Niña for months now. It is established, and is getting stronger. You can see the sea surface anomalies trend colder (bluer) during the past several weeks, not only at the surface: But beneath the surface too: Most models continue to show La Niña prevailing for the next several months. Here is the current sea surface temperature anomaly map, showing the budding La Niña: So, where does the current situation stack up in relation to past years?  Well, our analog lis
State of the Atmosphere
The State of the Atmosphere: Sunday, September 13th, 2020
The state of the atmosphere has me incredibly grateful to live where we do this week, with fires ravaging the west, and a very active tropical season continuing in the Atlantic. Wildfires in the west Wildfires in the west continue to cause incredible devastation, as more than 4 million acres have now burned across California, Oregon, and Washington this year. The deadly fires have claimed the lives of at least 23 people [
Here's the long list of weather records broken in Denver over the last five days
It's been an incredible and unforgettable five days of weather along the Front Range of Colorado and across the Eastern Plains. In the last five days Denver has either set or tied two daily record highs, set a new monthly record high (of 101°F!), tied the earliest freeze on record, and set or tied two record lows among a myriad of other mind-blowing stats. Here's the list, hold on! September 5th: Latest 100°F reading on record for Denver With the temperature breaking 100°F on Saturday at Den
Denver Weather
First snow of the season in the books for Denver, ties second earliest on record
It's official, Denver picked up 1.0" of snow at DIA on Tuesday marking the first measurable snowfall in September since 2000, and the tying the second earliest snowfall on record, set first in 1962. Here is the almanac data for Tuesday, September 8th, 2020: First snowfall prediction contest comes to a close A record 43 of you picked September 8th as the first official snowfall in this year's Snowfall Prediction Contest [
Storm Update
Window for meaningful snow opens soon, record cold forecast tonight
Everything remains more or less on track, as cold air, rain, and snow have transformed our area from summer's smoky grip to a damp, wintry day. With over 0.5" of precipitation so far at DIA, this has become one of Denver's wettest days of the year , a strong tell of what kind of summer it's been! Temperatures in Denver have been in the low to mid 30s this afternoon, some 60°F cooler than our highs across the city yesterday. Looking
Denver Forecast
Evening data continues to point to low confidence snowfall forecast, high confidence in jarring temperature change
We thought we'd take a few minutes tonight to show some of the latest data as we wait for the cold air to arrive and eventual rain and snow. The first wave of cooler air moved through mid afternoon across Northern Colorado , with colder air starting to take hold at this hour. Overall we don't see much of a need to change from our forecast issued earlier today [
Denver Weather
Cold front begins its push through Colorado
It's been yet another remarkable day for weather across Northern Colorado. A quick update this afternoon on the progress of our system on the way, set to deliver wind, rain, snow, and cold temperatures to the state. The initial front came rushing across the Colorado/Wyoming border early this afternoon, you can see it dropping south and beginning to thin the smoke that has been parked over Fort Collins all da
Denver Snow
Three things to know about our incoming storm
We've posted extensively about the storm set to hit Monday and last through Wednesday, the three main takeaways continue: Cold, snow, and wind. Cold Temperatures will plummet, and may rival the biggest September temperature drops on record. Record cold is likely for Tuesday and Wednesday across the area. The chart below shows how much colder than the current record low for Monday night and Tuesday night temperatures are expected to be: If you haven't planned to cover gardens, bring in potted