image: Colorado Snow: Snowpack grows, eyes on a system next weekColorado Snow

Colorado Snow: Snowpack grows, eyes on a system next week

We've been having a favorable snowfall pattern for the mountains, but not so much over eastern Colorado; a system next week bares watching to potentially change that, however. During just the past three days, parts of the mountains have picked up quite a bit of snow; two to three feet in some cases. It is still very early in the season to be making any long-term trend assumptions, but through today the state's snow water equivalent is trending relatively normally. And, with the storm pattern
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Medium range weather outlook through end of 2022
As we look at the remainder of December, it may remain just as "chaotic" as November – at least that's how the modeling would like to project the month. I say chaotic because seasonal modeling has been far from settling in on a solution, both within a single model and across several models. This can be due to the usual chaotic behavior in our weather patterns during the November and the early part of December – it is a transitional period from a summer flow to a winter one. This is commonly a t
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Colorado weather: Snowy in the mountains this week, Denver to catch leftovers
Overall our weather pattern this week will favor the mountains with the moisture, but leave lower-end probabilities for the metro areas and plains. There are at least systems that bare watching, but as of this writing the snowfall potential for the eastern half of the state is low. With that said, lacking a strong system, temperatures are expected to stay relatively on a normal path for Denver, with no huge swings in the outlook at this time. There is a potential change to next weekend's outloo
image: 100+mph winds slam Colorado, blow through snow squallsWind Damage
100+mph winds slam Colorado, blow through snow squalls
The wind event we discussed yesterday certainly came through with issues for the state, particularly travelers as winds gusts sped to more than 100 mph in Colorado Springs where a tractor trailer was one of many incidents of damage due to the winds: High winds cause semi overturn on I-25 in Colorado SpringsKKTV 11 News this MorningAleah BurggraffKKTV
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Denver Weather: Damaging wind event to start December after colder and snowier than average November
The wind on the way we are used to. The colder and snowier than average November we just logged, now that's something! Preliminary monthly data for November shows Denver ended the month -3.8°F below the long-term average for the month, and with 10.9" of snow – well ahead of the 7.4" we see on average. This marks the snowiest November since 2019 (13.7"), and only the 4th time in the last 25 years the city has seen 10" of snow or more during the month. It was a cold month on the whole for the
Denver Snow
Denver Weather: Snow to target Tuesday morning's commute, coldest morning will come Wednesday
Let's talk about the storm as it moves in. I break down the timing and totals in the following video. Storm's impact The biggest impact will come later Monday through Tuesday midday. The impacts on the roads are shown here, with alerts and the winter storm severity index. Timing Looking at the following hourly planners for Front Range locations, we see the impact focuses on early and mid-Tuesday. Fort Collins: Denver: Castle Rock: Colorado Springs: Totals The focus of the snowfall will be
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Colorado Weather: Snow and turning sharply colder early this week
Some areas woke Sunday morning to a bit of snowfall, but a stronger system will arrive in less than 48 hours to bring about bigger changes than what we have had Sunday. This week's State of the Atmosphere will focus on the early part of this week as we have a storm system to move through. In quick summary, look at temperatures for Denver this week: That's quite a drop from Monday to Tuesday into Wednesday morning. That cold will come through with snow chances. Let's set the stage here with a
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Denver weather: More snow in the forecast for the Mile High City
This November continues its remarkable run of feeling a lot like winter and a lot like the good-old-days. Now through 25 days of the month, Denver is running -3.8°F below average for the month, and with 9.2" of snow officially at Denver International Airport, the city is running 1.8" above the longterm average of 7.4" of snow for the month. Denver High/Low Temperatures Month to Date | November, 2022It's looking possible, if even likely, that we'll add to the snow totals for the month before De
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Colorado Weather: Thanksgiving forecast trends cooler, slight chance of snow
That system we mentioned in this week's State of the Atmosphere is looking like it could pack a bit more of a punch than it appeared a few days ago. This mostly comes in the form of chillier temperatures for Thanksgiving Day, but we could also see blustery conditions and even some snow across the region overnight Wednesday into Thursday morning. You can see the snow scoot through on the GFS, animated below, but you can't blink or you'll miss it! You can track snow dropping out of the northern
State of the Atmosphere
The State of the Atmosphere: Sunday, November 20th, 2022
It's been a remarkably chilly month so far in a time where that's remarkably hard to pull off. Through the first 19 days of the November, Denver is running 5.4°F below average, with an average temperature of just 36.1°F so far this month. We will see the opposite this week, warming and nearing the 60s by the end of the week! As our Insiders know, this month's pattern flip was actually well-telegraphed [
Snowfall Totals
Snowfall totals: Some areas see another boom snowfall as snow exits but cold persists
We had a hunch we might be low for snow totals across portions of Boulder and Jefferson counties, and are happy we did mention the potential for a foot in spots there as that's exactly what panned out. Colorado Springs we weren't as concerned about, but the city did in fact end up doing quite well with snow overnight! As of 7am this morning, here are snowfall totals from across the region. Northern Colorado Denver/Boulder/Golden Colorado Springs The biggest surprise by far is the 3 - 6" a
Denver Snow
Denver weather: Snow increases throughout day as arctic air arrives
Areas of snow began Thursday morning for Northern Colorado, following up on light snow yesterday in the Northern Mountains. Through the we will see snow increasing as colder temperatures move in. Snow, ice, and single-digit lows can be expected Thursday into Friday, with the cold extending into Saturday morning. Let's break down the storm system and our overall weather pattern in this video (if you want a bigger screen, you might head to YouTube itself, I cover
Denver Snow
Denver weather: Single-digit temperatures with snowfall for Thursday into Friday
We are watching that next push of cold to arrive Thursday into Friday and this will be the coldest weather in over eight months! Single-digit lows are on tap for many areas Friday and Saturday mornings. The last single-digit low was 2°F on March 11th. Summary: A cold front will arrive with very cold temperatures. As this front arrives it will be pushing cloud cover across the Plains to the metro areas and up onto the Front Range mountains. As the air moves upwards on the foothills and mountains
Snowfall Totals
Denver weather: Banded snowfall overnight produces 1 - 4" snow event across the metro area
A couple of years ago I wrote an ode to the northwest flow , and it seems each winter since we've had a chance (or two) to reference it. It's never a good idea to sleep on snow potential when we are in this pattern as narrow bands of moderate to heavy snow can form and deliver a quick hit of several inches of snow along the urban corridor. As we mentioned in this week's SOTA, we are in an unsettled pattern [https://www.weat
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La Niña's latest forecast and most likely weather pattern for the winter
I should begin by saying, forecasts made in November struggle. Largely this is due to the atmosphere which is working to change itself from its summer (~5 wave pattern) to winter pattern (~3 wave pattern), and during that change, there are some chaotic moments, especially during November. When we deal with this, projections can suffer from this "outside noise," and the relative stability of winter helps improve skill scores for forecasts. The same can be said for April when we flip-back. With t
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Colorado Weather: Persistent trough keeps the week's weather unsettled
I think it is best to begin with addressing my headline. My intention is to say the weather this week is unsettled but do not take that to mean active. I don't believe we have a strong storm system on the horizon to blanket us in snow or anything like that, but we are going to feel temperature fluctuations, wind at times, and will see some periods of showers. The bulk of the active (implying impactful weather) is just off to our east. Perhaps the best visual for the week is what follows. This a
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Denver Weather: Coldest night of the season ahead along with a chance of snow
Wednesday's storm system is well out of Colorado, but we clearly are feeling the impact by being much cooler today and the colder temperatures will remain. That system is creating quite the mess across the Northern Plains by throwing out a lot of cold and heavy snowfall today. For Colorado, a secondary system will move overhead Thursday through Friday morning to create a chance of snow before temperatures bottom out in the teens for the first time since last April. First, the snow chances ar
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Denver weather: Coldest temperatures in nearly 7 months on way, snow hits mountains
For the metro areas, a strong cold front will sweep through today and will drop temperatures into the teens for many of us Friday and Saturday mornings which is the coldest we've felt since mid-April. If you prefer a presentation, here are the storm details and if you are only wanting to listen to the Colorado impact portion, scroll to the 5:30 mark. The system already felt and seen across parts of northern and northeastern Colorado as of this morning. > 🚨Reports of freezing drizzle along I-
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Colorado Weather: Strong cold front to initiate a longer period of colder weather
Midweek temperatures being well-above normal are to end soon with the arrival of our next front, and the temperature impact will last quite a bit longer than our previous systems. What will remain for us, the wind. Windy periods will be with us so, ummm, enjoy I guess? In general, this chart can be used as an example of the trend. Temperatures will be staying much cooler, as you can see. For Denver, to have lows in the teens has not happened since mid-April. This is part of the November wea
State of the Atmosphere
The State of the Atmosphere: Sunday, November 6th, 2022
Happy time change everyone! We hope the milder weather on the way to start the workweek Monday will ease that transition some for us all. For Denver this means temperatures will climb back into the 60s to near 70°F Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, before our next cold front arrives midweek and cools temperatures back into the 40s along the Front Range. Election Day Tuesday Election day across the state looks quite nice across the state. Nationally, the biggest weather impacts are expected acr