image: The State of the Atmosphere: Sunday, October 17th, 2021State of the Atmosphere

The State of the Atmosphere: Sunday, October 17th, 2021

Last week's system failed to produce measurable snowfall across the Denver area, and with that we'll fly past the average first snowfall date of October 18th tomorrow, with no snow currently in the forecast for the Mile High City. The last time our first snow of the season came late was in 2016, and that year we didn't see the first measurable snow until November 16th [
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Bundle up on Thursday, and keep an eye to the sky for the season's first flakes of snow in Denver
Temperatures drop into the 40s for highs on Thursday as our next disturbance brings another shot of chilly air and precipitation to the state. While Denver is likely to see its first snowfall of the season, it's not clear yet if we'll manage enough accumulation to declare a winner for this year's first (measurable) snowfall prediction contest . The most likely scenario it seems, is that we'll see some rain and flak
PM Update
Monday PM update: Wind, rain, snow, who sees what when
We've talked quite a bit about the chilly weather on the way this week, with of course the reminder to move or protect plants you aren't ready to lose for the season just yet as well as hardening up those sprinkler lines for the winter. Tonight we'll take a look at the latest data on the snow and rain, and see when who might see what and when. The main event, if you will, swings through the Great Basin tonight and then across Colorado on Tuesday. As it does, it'll eject pretty far northeast br
image: The State of the Atmosphere: Sunday, October 10th, 2021State of the Atmosphere
The State of the Atmosphere: Sunday, October 10th, 2021
The past week was very quiet across the region, but this week will bring the first strong cool off of the season including first frost and freeze for many locations as well as rain and snow to Colorado. Top line: Be sure sure protect any plants you want to save from frost and freeze as early as Sunday night! Frost advisories are posted for parts of the metro area with lows in the 30s. Details are below along with a quick look at rain and snow areas. We brought this weather change to your atten
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Potential first freeze on the way for the Denver metro area
We continue to watch signs of a change next week toward much colder temperatures and the possibility of rain and even some snow, too. Denver's last freezing temperature was on May 12th and the city could hit that freezing point again next week; certainly a first frost for many areas is on the way. And, the last time snow was measured was April 21st; there's a chance for s
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Two systems in the pipeline could deliver rain, snow, and plenty of wind to Colorado
A relatively active period of weather coming up over the next week or so, with a couple of weaker systems to watch for late this week and weekend, followed by a strong trough set to move through the Rockies by the early to middle part of next week. Early Friday we see a trough move inland off the West Coast. It'll eject a piece of energy out ahead of the main trough which is currently expected to stay far enough north of Colorado not to cause major impacts on our weather, but some mountain sto
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The outlook for October 2021 leans mild and dry for Colorado
October's weather pattern may not shift much from what we saw in September. For Colorado that means drier and warmer than average conditions are most probable. For September, we recorded a drier and warmer month than average. In looking at October, precipitation and temperatures are most tied to the AMO, MJO, PDO and PNA. In the past few decades, 2017 most closely matches the ocean and teleconnections that we have currently. 2017 was 0.42" drier than average for Colorado and 0.2° warmer than
AM Update
Wednesday AM update: Rain, snow, and cooler temperatures – a welcome change arrives in Colorado!
The weather will be feeling much more fall-like to end the month after what has largely been a hot and dry September across the region. After record highs in the 90s in recent days, we will drop to near 70°F in Denver today, and perhaps not break the 60°F mark on Thursday! Temperatures in the 50s and 60s will remain in the forecast for the metro area through Saturday at least, with perhaps some low 70s back in the forecast for Sunday. With the cooler temperatures, will also come an increased
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The State of the Atmosphere: Monday, September 27th, 2021
There's a lot to get to in this week's State of the Atmosphere, the last of September 2021 if you can believe that! First, today is the last day to enter in our ninth annual First Snowfall Prediction Contest , and with a $500 Airbnb gift card on the line, you're going to want to make sure you have a guess submitted by midnight! Remember, just one submission per person, so a great opportunity to
Denver Forecast
Temperatures will remain above average through the weekend, showers and storms in the forecast next week?
Our quiet, and predictably warm September weather pattern continues into the last weekend of the month. While highs today are expected to top out in the upper 70s, highs will be right back into the mid and upper 80s for the weekend across the greater Denver metro area. To date, September 2021 is the 3rd hottest on record for Denver . Seven day forecast highsAs you might expect, we should be well below these highs this time of year.
Ninth annual First Snowfall Prediction Contest starts today!
The First Measurable Snowfall Prediction Contest 2021 starts today, and runs until midnight of Monday, September 27th (weather permitting). It's been another hot September across the region, but snow will be in the forecast before you know it. Time to put on your forecasting hat and think SNOW! There are a couple of changes to the forecast this year. The first is that first place won't be ski lift tickets as it'
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Sunday's wind to blow in much cooler temperatures Monday
Wind increased Sunday ahead of a cold front that will drop temperatures pretty significantly for the early part of the week. The wind from Sunday afternoon is mostly a westerly warm wind, but that direction shifts by Sunday evening to that of a north wind and cooler temperatures will follow - perhaps a shower or two, also. Monday's highs in the 60s will be the coolest highs since May 31st when Denver had a high of 61. It was also the final week of May when Denver had lows in the lower 40s w
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Cool weather Friday doesn't last, Denver to hit 90s Saturday
If you woke up early Friday you felt some cool air, the coolest in more than 100 days. DIA was sitting in the upper 40s as of 7 am Friday where the last time a temperature in the 40s was recorded was June 1st. The cool start to the day will continue with highs in the 70s which is certainly not a cold day but will be the coolest high temperature since late May. Denver is expected to hit 73 Friday before a significant warm up for the weekend. With 80s and 90s on tap for the weekend, the taste o
AM Update
Warm and mostly dry through the weekend, turning cooler with a chance of mountain snow by next week
Cooler weather over the last couple of days, as well as spotty strong storms across Eastern Colorado have been a welcome relief to the recent record heat we've seen across the state. Precipitation totals since Sunday (below) show that while not everyone saw rain (we only picked up a few stray drops!) some folks saw some appreciable rain, and in a few cases far too much hail . Precipitation totals Mon and TueAs we look ahead to the rema
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An early check on the 'winter' outlook for fall 2021 through spring 2022
We're about a month away from issuing our official winter outlook we do each year in early to mid October. Today we'll take a look at some of the big drivers we are watching for the next half a year or so, as we begin our shift from the warm (hot) season to the cool season. La Niña will spread its impact across the country for the second year in a row leaving the West in dire need of water. Ocean conditions point toward continued drought for the
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Cooler temperatures to start the week, showers and storms for some
A quick update this morning to take a look at the upcoming week, which will feature some cooler temperatures (though it's all relative when coming off the record heat we've been seeing) and at least a chance of showers and storms over the next couple of days as well. The best chance of those showers and storms will come today and tomorrow along the Front Range, with about a 25 to 30% chance today, and closer to 45 to 50% on Tuesday. Somewhat remarkably, the "coolest" day of the week which is
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Record temperatures forecast across Colorado today under September heat wave
Record heat in September has become something of a staple in recent years. Even last year, which saw one of the earliest snowfalls on record in Denver, boasted some extreme September heat as well. You can revisit the remarkable week in weather we had a year ago at this time below, when we went from triple-digit heat to snow in a matter of a couple days. Here’s the long list
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The State of the Atmosphere: Sunday, September 5th, 2021
Tropical moisture delivered in a big way for some of us over the last week, but left many out to dry. For the northern urban corridor, including our station in west Denver, not much to speak of on the precipitation front, though some cooler days and occasional showers were welcome. The greatest precipitation anomalies appeared over Arizona, southeast Utah, New Mexico, the central plains of Colorado, and then east of our area. From Kansas to North Dakota the last week was a wet one. Looking c
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Cooler for all, rainy for Colorado's mountains
A couple of changes, cooler and wetter weather, kick-off today and will run through the Labor Day weekend. The biggest change for the state overall will be cooler temperatures to end the week. Today, the mountains will be cooling off. Thursday, the metro locations and the plains will feel temperatures taking a dip, too. Denver, racking up more 90-degree days will feel 80s for awhile - much more seasonal. For parts of the mountains, frost will be possible during Labor Day weekend. For an exa
State of the Atmosphere
The State of the Atmosphere: Sunday, August 29th, 2021
Hurricane Ida makes landfall in SE Louisiana as a Category 4 storm All eyes of the meteorological world, and thoughts of our nation are focused on the Gulf Coast today as hurricane Ida made landfall this morning as a major Category 4 hurricane southwest of New Orleans. The storm brought with it 150mph winds at its core as it moved onshore today, and will batter the region with hurricane-force winds, storm surge, and for some areas over a foot of rain through the night. Hurricane Ida shortly