image: Wind and fire danger spreads from Colorado to New Mexico into Kansas and OklahomaFire Weather

Wind and fire danger spreads from Colorado to New Mexico into Kansas and Oklahoma

There's a problem this time of the year when we hit these dry spells and temperatures warm - wind and prairie fires. Look at the precipitation map for the month to date shown as a percentage of average, and you'll see the bullseye of dryness over the High Plains. This, added with the existing drought in the same areas, is problematic right now as vegetation still largely dormant or coming out of dormancy is more kindling than it is of grazing value. So, we have to watch for wind events that
Colorado Weather
As spring starts, classic Colorado weather kicks the season off
Astronomical Spring starts today, and it will have a "springy-vibe" across the state with rain and snow chances, including parts of the Denver area. Over the weekend we talked about the slow March weather for the city, which does continue for a couple more days at least. We’re a bit more than halfway through Denver’s snowiest month, and without much to show for itDenver’s average snowfall for March (dating back to 1882) is 11.5″ of snow. That makes it the city’s snowiest month on average, with
Colorado Snowpack
We're a bit more than halfway through Denver's snowiest month, and without much to show for it
Denver's average snowfall for March (dating back to 1882) is 11.5" of snow. That makes it the city's snowiest month on average, with some big time storms coming during the month over the years. The snowiest March on record dates back to 2003, when 35.2" of snow was recorded. We nearly broke the record a couple of years ago but came up just short in 2021 with 34.0" falling at DIA [
image: Denver area weather: Today's warmth will be replaced by cold and a chance of rain and snow by tonightSnowfall Forecast
Denver area weather: Today's warmth will be replaced by cold and a chance of rain and snow by tonight
Another day with awesome temperatures in the forecast across the area before our next change arrives this evening and Thursday. Highs along the urban corridor will again take aim at the 70°F mark today before a sharp cooldown arrives Thursday, with highs just in the low to mid 30s in the forecast. Here is a look at the latest hourly planner for Denver: Gusty winds, rain, and a bit of snow will accompany the cool down. The chance of precipitation will increase after sunset tonight with the
Denver Forecast
Denver weather: First 70-degree day since November possible on Wednesday!
In the week's State of the Atmosphere we focused on two things, the warm up and then the drop with rain and snow showers. The warm up is more impressive than we led on, we have the potential to his the 70s in Denver for the first time since early November (Nov 8th hit 74°)! No this isn't early, the "average" first 70°F day in Denver history is March 9th. Here's a timeline of tem
Weather5280 Insider
What's changing with this week's storm system
Most of you are weather nuts and follow the weather very closely, which we love. I think it's fair to say, debate if you will, that modeling during 2023 has struggled at times with the day three to seven, and beyond, forecasts. That may not be fair. What may be more appropriate is our expectations for models to be accurate at those ranges exceeds expectations and to see storms "dry up" before hitting Denver and the Front Range is part of the process. I think both of my statements have merit.
State of the Atmosphere
Denver Weather: Near 70 degrees before a storm chance arrives after midweek
Although we did warm up through the weekend, much warmer temperatures are on tap for the next couple of days before a system later this week may deliver rain and snow chances. There was something significant about last week, before we jump to the warm up. La Niña was officially declared over as of the sea surface temperature data that came in from February through early March. Here's a video that talks about what this means, and if El Niño is next (we still have areas of drought to get through!
Weather5280 Insider
With La Niña 'officially' over, a look at where we are headed
Good morning, La Niña is done! Now onto a neutral pattern before El Niño likely establishes itself. This may come with cheers or jeers depending on your perspective and how each affects your operations. Let's walk through some brief details about where we are and where we are headed. La Niña is gone in the sea surface conditions – the ENSO region has warmed quite a lot. Right now, the westernmost region (4) is the coolest and the easternmost region, (1.2) is warmest. Moments of La Niña contin
Weekend Outlook
Weekend outlook: Atmospheric River inundates West, heavy mountain snow for CO, areas of rain, snow, and wind for plains
Another rather remarkable weekend of weather is on tap for the Western United States as another Atmospheric River event gets cranking across California, and high elevation snow across the west continues to pile up. Here's a look at all the wet weather moving inland over the coming days, the animation valid from this morning through Sunday night: And the expected precipitation accumulation for the same period: For California that will equate to more than 5" of precipitation in the coming days
Colorado Weather
More mountain snow on the way; snow showers and even some rain in the forecast for Northeast Colorado
A week ago we anticipated a much different end to this week than what looks like will be our reality, at least when it comes to temperatures. We showed this chart the other day, but felt it was worth reiterating. The top pink box shows what this model had for high temperatures a week ago in Denver for today/tomorrow/Friday, with the bottom box showing the pretty big shift in recent days to the outlook. From teens and 20s for highs, in previous updates - the past several have been much warmer.
Denver Forecast
Fog leads to Denver weather advisories, tonight's fog focuses on Colorado Springs
The fog this morning, as we discussed in yesterday's forecast, focused on the Front Range creating a sheen of ice coating on a lot of cold surfaces. A winter weather advisory had been issued to cover the travel aspect of that threat. The alert runs through 11 am. For the Denver area and Front Range we will see the low clouds and fog thin throughout the day but there may be more on tap tonight, especially around Colorado Springs. Here's an animation to show the thickest fog (black areas) and ho
Denver Forecast
Denver and Colorado Springs Weather: Chance of ice for Tuesday morning drive
Although the chances appear lower end, there is the potential for fog to increase over metro areas and plains tonight to lead to areas of icing from freezing drizzle overnight. If we look at the hourly planner for Denver, you'll see low chances of showers appear starting tonight. That is the chance for this freezing drizzle. Here's a way to visualize the fog/low cloud layers. I slapped this animation together to show fog, black areas, increasing and where. For Denver, and others in the metro
State of the Atmosphere
Colorado weather: An active weather week across the region, but will that equate to snow along the Front Range?
Well, not much of storm showing up for later this week in really any of the models today after a couple of days with some impressively snowy runs. As we covered yesterday , the outlook for the coming week remains quite uncertain – with plenty of active weather moving across the country, but hard to say how much of that will impact to the urban corridor. Let's take
Colorado Weather
Is it time to start paying attention to next week's snow potential across Eastern Colorado?
Once again the internet is abuzz as some weather models are again producing a significant storm across the region next week. While the potential exists for this to come to fruition, uncertainty is extremely high at this time, with anything from cool and unsettled to cold and snowy on the table for Denver, the Front Range, and eastern plains of Colorado. It won't just be one system we'll need to watch for the coming week, which will add a bit of complication to communicating the forecast. Many
Colorado Weather
Colorado weather: Heavy snow for the northern mountains, occasional showers across the plains
Happy Friday everyone! As we've been discussing all week, the pattern is an unsettled one. This remains true as we head into the weekend. Today will feature areas of generally light snow across Northeast Colorado, with even some mixed precipitation or rain mixing in at times. Little accumulation is expected from these showers along the urban corridor and Eastern Plains, but something to be on the lookout for if you are out and about today. Video Discussion: Forecast Details: Here is the ho
Long-range forecast
March Outlook: Temperature and precipitation pattern for the month
For many, March came in like a lion – as the saying goes. Plus, there's a lot of media attention on another "Polar Vortex" event on the way. So what does the remainder of the month look like? Let's take a look at the atmosphere recently, modeling, and my analog year comparisons to build out an outlook for the next few weeks. First, the Polar Vortex doesn't hit us with anything. The Polar Vortex is a feature of the Stratosphere, miles above the surface of the Earth. When it changes behavior it c
Snowfall Forecast
Denver weather: Expecting periods of snow, latest on timing and totals
Showers have moved into the state, and some have developed on the Plains and are trying to push into the metro areas. Expect periods of showers today through the next few days, although tonight through Thursday have the higher chances. If you prefer a video discussion of the forecast: The Latest: Let's begin with the chances timeline and we'll use Fort Collins for this example. Notice two peaks in snow chances, later today and another later Friday. Considering these are hit and miss showers,
Snowfall Forecast
Colorado weather: Good mountain snow, unsettled with a couple snow chances across the plains
We are tracking a couple chances of snow in the forecast for the urban corridor this week, including areas of rain and snow that are peeling off the hills today. > The same squall line of snow that I mentioned in a previous tweet, has reached Northern Colorado. Areas from Fort Collins to Greeley and surroundings will have a chance of rain and snow as the line pushes through quickly. — Matt Makens (@MattMakens) February 28, 2023 [https://tw
State of the Atmosphere
Denver weather: 60s Sunday, cooler this week with snow possible Wednesday to Thursday
Sunday is shaping up to be pretty nice! There will be wind and it will focus on the Palmer Divide, and all across Southern Colorado before ramping up in the mountains and foothills west of Denver tonight. Below are the alerts in place, we have a few regarding snow but most you see here are for winds, particularly east of the Continental Divide: The specifics for those zones highlighted near Denver: > ...HIGH WIND WATCH REMAINS IN EFFECT FROM 5 PM MST THIS AFTERNOON THROUGH MONDAY MORNING...
Denver Forecast
Colorado Weather: Snow, blowing snow, and warming temperatures
The state has had an active week and that continues through this weekend. Metro areas will be clearing and warming but occasional gusty wind will blow snow back onto cleared roads. In the high country, heavy snow continues - particularly, the San Juans in the southwest corner. For Denver, the hourly planner through the weekend does warm-up. Areas to the north and east of the city, down along the Platte River may not warm very much today as compared to other locations. Low clouds/fog will hang