image: Winter Weather Advisory posted for the Palmer Divide and foothills, rain and snow arrive tonightSnowfall Forecast

Winter Weather Advisory posted for the Palmer Divide and foothills, rain and snow arrive tonight

We continue to track the chance of rain and snow that will arrive this evening to our area and stick with us into Tuesday. As we discussed last night, given temperatures and the speed of this system, we expect the greatest accumulation to occur west and south of Denver, though some accumulation in the city proper will be possible as well. If the changeover from rain to snow can occur earlier than anticipated, perhaps we see some high-end totals in the city as well – though at this time, that i
Snowfall Forecast
Rain and snow for Monday night and Tuesday
There's a pair of weather systems across the Western US and, for Colorado, we will see rain and snow to start the week. The highest impact for Denver and Colorado Springs areas will come on Tuesday morning. First, let's check the location and timeline of the rain and snow. Monday at the lunch hour, rain(green) and snow(blue) will be across parts of the western half of Colorado. By 5 pm Monday, rain and snow continue to spread across the west, but Eastern Colorado remains mostly shower-free:
Denver Forecast
As weekend storm fizzles, next chance of snow arrives Monday night and Tuesday
As expected, this weekend's "system" didn't turn out to be all that much of a system after all. Cooler? Yes. After highs WELL above average for much of this month, highs in the 40s and 50s this afternoon have us feeling much more November-like across the region. Here's a look at temperatures across the region midday Saturday, with highs topping out in the low to mid 50s for most locations along the urban corridor Saturday afternoon: Sunday will be much the same: cool, but mostly dry across t
image: Drought update & the outlook: Thursday, November 19th, 2020Insider Pro Update
Drought update & the outlook: Thursday, November 19th, 2020
While the recent storms delivered some moisture, it won't be enough to reverse trends. T hat trend has been increased drought week to week, this week is no exception. Below is a look at the difference between this week(left) and last week(right), the acreage in exceptional drought has increased. Notably in Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Texas: Here is a look at the latest drought monitor, issued today bu
Denver Forecast
Wednesday PM update: November warmth comes to an end for the weekend
We continue to track changes to the weather pattern as our next system will move through the region to end the week, leading to a chilly and unsettled weekend for much of the state. Temperatures as of midday had climbed into the 60s and 70s across most of Eastern Colorado, with low-lying areas hovering in the 50s as of the 18z update. Needless to say, temperatures will once again be well above average today, topping out anywhere from 15 to 30°F above average across the region Wednesday afterno
State of the Atmosphere
The State of the Atmosphere: Monday, November 16th, 2020
The next system we are tracking is one to impact our area Friday through the weekend. Until then, expect quite warm conditions - especially Wednesday when Denver will be near 70 degrees. During the past week, heavy periods of snowfall impacted the mountains and the metro areas benefited from a bit of snowfall also. In terms of percent of average, here is how the past week performed: Temperatures over the past week averaged cooler than a 'normal' week. Looking ahead to the upcoming week, we ha
Denver Forecast
Mild Friday, windy and chilly Saturday, then a warming trend
A quick update this morning to look ahead to the weekend and what looks like another period of mild weather back in the forecast as we head into next week. A fast moving system will bring a round of moderate snowfall to the high country tonight and Saturday, but mostly wind for Eastern Colorado. A few showers may spread east of the mountains on Saturday, but aren't expected to amount to much. The hourly planner for Denver shows a chilly day the chance we see some rain and snow showers around
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October results are in, a look ahead through early December
With La Niña in control, we enter most of our forecasts with a drier and warmer than average bias – unless the PNA and NAO combine to offer a trough-favored pattern, which isn't the case through much of the next month. October was interesting in that we had enough significant cold over the plains for the eastern half of Colorado to have had near and colder than average conditions. Precipitation was just as expected... lacking in most areas: Going forward, we believe that there may be some re
Snowfall Totals
Snowfall totals exceed expectations in some areas, as summer in November comes to abrupt end
Yesterday's snow piled up a bit higher in some spots than we anticipated in our forecast issued on Sunday. Yes, we said some areas could pick up 2" or so, but even with that mention we came in a bit low for Boulder and Fort Collins it seems, thanks to a couple of bands of moderate snowfall Monday afternoon and evening. Our gamblers definitely perked up a bit yesterday from where they were, but still the 3" totals a few areas were well outside the most probabilistic outcome from Monday's event.
State of the Atmosphere
The State of the Atmosphere: Sunday, November 8th, 2020
As we discussed in our last update , the weather system that has brought wind and isolated showers to the Front Range and Eastern Colorado last night and today has delivered some big time snow to the mountains of Southwest Colorado. The heavier snow we saw overnight, and the showers we're seeing across Eastern Colorado will come to an end this morning, before
Colorado Weather
Weekend system to bring chillier weather to Denver, and perhaps feet of snowfall to SW Colorado
Temperatures are forecast to drop this weekend – after days of record/near record temperatures – and some areas will see rain and snow, too. Yesterday, Denver set a record high for November 4th reaching 77°F (the old record was 76°F set in 1915), and also set a record warmest low temperature for the date of 47°F (the old record was 45°F set in 1999). We have several more warm days ahead of us before cooler temperatures return to the forecast. Let's look at the temperature animation showing th
Election Forecast
Presidential Election Day weather history, Denver
Let's take a look at Presidential Election days going back in Denver's history. This year is the warmest voting day in Denver's history for presidential election years. DIA hit 79 Tuesday afternoon, making it one of two warmest Election Days on record including all presidential and offset election years as well. The warmest presidential Election Day prior to 2020 was in 1952 when it hit 74 degrees. The coldest presidential votin
Election Forecast
Election Day forecast, 2020
Great job getting out and voting, Colorado. As of Saturday, nearly 2.5 million Coloradans had already voted in the 2020 general election. That's 86.7% of the total 2016 turnout ! Tuesday is Election Day, we hope everyone who hasn't yet voted has a plan to get out and vote – or a plan to drop (not mail!) your ballot at a drop-off box by 7 pm Tuesday. You can find both polling locations and drop-off locations here: https://www.sos.state.c
The week's precipitation moved the needle only slightly
The snow and rain event earlier in the week is obviously great considering how few and far between precipitation events have been this year. This has been especially true since June-July when things really shutoff, but the storm this last week wasn't enough to erase deficits – just moved the needle in spots slightly. Let's look at the county-by-county precipitation that fell that fell th
Insider Pro Update
Drought update and the outlook: October 29th, 2020
While the recent storms have brought moisture to areas that need it most, it won't be enough to reverse trends. Drought continues to hit the region hard, with expansion in Extreme Drought across Eastern Colorado since our last update , and more Abnormally Dry conditions popping up across Texas as well. Below is a look at the difference between October 13th and October 27th, 2020. While much unchanged, the in
Jet-enhanced banded snowfall: What is it, and how did it contribute to the October 25th snowstorm in Colorado?
One of our main mechanisms for snow producing storms along the Front Range is what we call upslope: winds that push up against the Rockies and create the lift needed to produce precipitation, which in the winter usually falls in the form of snow. For the northern urban corridor that's typically a northeasterly or easterly wind, but that differs depending on where along the Front Range you are located. With a classic cutoff low snowstorms, that upslope is deep – meaning we have strong upslope w
Snowfall Totals
Snowfall totals as storm clears, cold lingers through Tuesday
What a great storm, if for no other reason than the 10 - 20" of snow that fell over the East Troublesome and Cameron Peak fires. Rarely does it seem a storm is able to deliver when we are in such need – but this one did, even if less moisture content than you might expect from an October storm. Along the urban corridor those north of Denver did best with snow totals this round, and this should come as no surprise [
Storm Update
Storm Update: Snow continues across Colorado, bitter cold tonight
No real changes to the forecast. The snow is here, as is the cold, and frankly it's about time. At our station in Denver West snow has been on and off since about 5am. As of 10:30 am we had recorded 1.5" of fluffy snow, with light snow continuing. Up north we've seen a persistent snow band deliver upwards of 5" of snow to parts of the Fort Collins area, with good snowfall continuing there at this hour. This heavier band of snow will continue to drag south as the day progresses. By this eve
Storm Update
Winter Storm Warnings and Advisories posted across Colorado, fire relief is knocking at the door
Colder air has been filtering into Northern Colorado all evening, and will continue to do so through the night. A look at observations this evening shows temperatures in the teens and 20s across Southeast Wyoming and Western Nebraska, with readings mostly in the 30s and 40s across the Northeast Plains of Colorado: Our much anticipated, and much NEEDED storm remains on track this evening. No data since our last update [
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Critical fire danger ahead of major change in the weather, Winter Storm Watches posted for Denver, much of Colorado
Latest satellite imagery shows plenty of clouds to our north as big changes are set to arrive later tonight and Sunday to Northern Colorado. Ahead of these changes, clear skies, dry air, and westerly winds – all combining for yet another day of extreme fire danger across much of the state, including for the East Troublesome Fire and Cameron Peak Fire where we've already seen winds gusting to 40 mph today.