image: Storm chances increase, temperatures cool for weekend plansDenver Forecast

Storm chances increase, temperatures cool for weekend plans

A lot is happening across the state this weekend from county fairs to concerts to one of the last pool weekends before schools start classes again. Douglas County Fair and Rodeo WeatherWeather forecasts and alerts for Douglas County Fair and RodeoWeather5280 The Heat is on: Today will be the warmest of the next three as storm chances increase daily as we head into the weekend. In fact, today may be so hot DIA could tie
Record Heat
Denver had 2nd hottest July on record
The Denver area recorded its 2nd hottest July in 2022. > Another way to contextualize last month's temperature data for Denver. Red indicates daily mean temperature was above normal, blue indicates below. Data looks very similar across the forecast area (i.e. not unique to Denver). #COwx — NWS Boulder (@NWSBoulder) August 3, 2022 [
State of the Atmosphere
The State of the Atmosphere: Monday, August 1st, 2022
August! Hard to believe. What's maybe not so hard to believe is that the average temperature for July, 2022 ended 2.9°F hotter than average in Denver, with a mean temperature of 78.0°F for the month: You'll note in the image above that Denver officially only logged 0.99" of precipitation in July, which is -1.15" below the longterm average for the month. Well, for once the airport is actually in the minority here, as most stations across the eastern half of the state saw average to above ave
image: Heavy thunderstorms hit the Front Range, and more on the way for ColoradoDenver Forecast
Heavy thunderstorms hit the Front Range, and more on the way for Colorado
Wednesday saw the power of some late-night thunderstorms around the metro areas. > Here it was south and west of you near Masonville/West Loveland. — Kevin McSweeney (@kmcsween) July 28, 2022 > Impressive hail of approximately tennis ball sized lingering over 45 mins after the storm east of Fort Collins! Personally some of the largest I have seen in Colorado, only
State of the Atmosphere
The State of the Atmosphere: Monday, July 25th, 2022
We saw some fantastic rain across much of Eastern Colorado on Sunday, as well as a notable drop in temperatures from the recent heat. Yesterday's high of 87°F was the coolest day in Denver since July 11th when we topped out at 81°F. Since then the city has been trapped in a remarkably hot pattern, with highs most afternoon in the mid to upper 90s and up to 100°F on the 18th. While parts of the metro area again missed on the heaviest precipitation, many stations across Eastern Colorado saw th
Record Heat
Castle Rock sets the all-time hottest temperature on its record
Castle Rock has hit the 100s before, but 102 on July 11th, 2022, is the hottest temperature on record. Here we have a list of all calendar days record highs with year of occurrence included: So far in July, the town has set four record highs, two of which were into the 100s. Castle Rock has hit the 100s four times so far this year which is also a record. Further, this summer is on pace to be the hottest on record. The first half of summer was a scorcher. Here is the list of hottest first-ha
Record Heat
Denver sets record high as city reaches the triple digits again
Monday, Denver set a new daily record high by hitting 100 degrees. The previous record was 99, set in 2020. > A record high temperature of 100 was set at Denver CO today. This breaks the old record of 99 set in 2020 and previous years. This is also the 4th 100 degree day this year. #cowx — NWS Boulder (@NWSBoulder) July 18, 2022 We discussed this in ye
State of the Atmosphere
State of the Atmosphere: Sunday, July 17, 2022
It's going to be a hot start to the week, with a potential record set for Denver by hitting 100 degrees. This heat isn't unique to the Front Range or Colorado as it is widespread Sunday and Monday. A ridge of high pressure will continue to provide above normal and record-breaking heat for the western and central U.S. Sunday. Parts of Montana will climb well above 100 degrees, Billings can set a new record high by hitting a forecast high of 102 Sunday. Per the WPC, "Approximately 30 million re
Record Heat
100 degrees sets a new record for Denver Saturday
Denver hit 100 degrees at Denver International Airport Saturday afternoon. This is the second 100-degree day for Denver this year so far. 98 was the previous record for the date, but now we put 2022 into the record books for July 9th. So far, this summer isn't especially hot for the Mile High City. It is a warm one, though with the summer, to date, being near the 20th warmest on record. The last time the city hit 100 was June 11th. Denver averages one to two 100-degree days per year. The mo
Denver Forecast
Record heat for the weekend, where's the rain?
Hot weather moves in for the weekend as the region sees a drop in rain chances, too. Denver to come to near 100 degrees both Saturday and Sunday. What's happening? A ridge of high pressure will be dominating the western/southwestern U.S. for the next several days. A ridge is an area of relative calm, suppressing rain chances, and bringing heat this time of the year. This ridge is basically centered on Colorado and New Mexico. As a result, look at the temperatures forecast for Colorado from F
La Niña
July La Niña and monsoon update
Plenty to sort through with this update, and based on what I'm seeing we have a lot riding on it too. First, let's look at what La Niña and rest of the global sea surface temperature anomalies have been doing, for the past 90 days. 1. Despite La Niña being very much alive, it has been weakening a bit recently. Notice less blue shading along the equatorial Pacific. 2. The colder than average water that was in the Gulf of Alaska and along the West Coast of the US has also been warming
Denver Forecast
Moisture increases, I'm not excited though
The wet-biased modeling may fool us again with higher storm chances and higher total precipitation estimates than what actually falls, so take this with caution. Monsoonal moisture is increasing across the Four Corners and may pose a flooding risk to portions of Utah and Colorado. A monsoon refresher piece: The North American MonsoonThe North American Monsoon is a seasonal weather pattern developing a persistent wind flow. That pattern brings tropical moisture into Mexico, Arizona, New Mexico,
The North American Monsoon
The North American Monsoon is a seasonal weather pattern developing a persistent wind flow. That pattern brings tropical moisture into Mexico, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Colorado and west to south Texas. A well-developed monsoon can spread beneficial rains from the Southwest to the Central and Northern Rockies and can even help the Northern High Plains. The monsoon development begins, on average, in early to late June across Mexico. From there, moisture increases across the Four Corners region
State of the Atmosphere
The State of the Atmosphere: Monday, June 27th, 2022
After a nice cool off this weekend, temperatures are set to climb once more this week. Highs were in the 70s both Saturday and Sunday across the area, well below average, and a nice break from the recent heat. Unfortunately, and perhaps not surprisingly, the cooler temperatures weren't accompanied by much precipitation in Denver, with just a Trace recorded at DIA, Denver's official weather station. Precipitation totals over the last 3 days shows some parts of the state did pick up some much ne
Denver Forecast
70s with increased rain chances this weekend, Denver
A strong cold front will arrive to cool the weekend by 20 to 30 degrees across parts of Colorado. Denver area high temperatures Friday will be in the 90s, but only 60s and 70s Saturday and Sunday. Across the state Friday: Saturday: Sunday: This cold front will also collide with some moisture across the region to increase the chance for rain, particularly across southern Colorado. Estimated total precipitation through the weekend: Potential 3-day rainfall totals for Northern Front Range:
State of the Atmosphere
The State of the Atmosphere: Monday, June 20th, 2022
Happy to report that at least some of the advertised precipitation for southwest Colorado panned out over recent days, and it looks like more is on the way over the coming week. Precipitation as a percent of normal over the last 7 days shows areas of extreme dry across the south-central plains states and a good portion of California and Nevada, while the Four Corners region was able to tap into some of that monsoonal flow, and the very wet weather across the Northwest continues. Looking at C
Record Heat
Smoky sky with near-record temperatures in Denver area Monday
If you've looked at the horizon Monday you have seen the haze in the air. This is mostly smoke arriving from the Pipeline Fire near Flagstaff, AZ . The smoke likely gets thicker this afternoon with some relief with a wind shift to come Tuesday. > Some of you have asked about the smoky sky this morning. That smoke alof
State of the Atmosphere
The State of the Atmosphere: Sunday, June 12th, 2022
It's mid-June and we are cooking with mid-summer heat! Highs on Saturday climbed into the triple digits for portions of Eastern Colorado, including Denver where the high hit 100°F, tying the record high for the date set back in 2013 . Anyone else remember when it snowed three weeks ago? Storms today have kept us a few degrees cooler across the region, though still quite hot. Monday we are likely to see more 100°F+ temperatures across E
Extreme Heat
Near-record heat this weekend in Denver and around Colorado
It's going to be a hot weekend across the region with some daily record temperatures to be set, the hottest of which will be in Grand Junction that may set back-to-back records of 100 degrees +. This isn't as extreme as the heat expected across the southern and southwestern U.S., however, which will record highs well above 110 in this latest heat wave. The following three maps for Friday, Saturday and Sunday represent the forecast high temperatures that may break existing daily heat records.
Severe Weather
Damaging thunderstorms across the region Tuesday
We will have to keep a close eye on our gardens and cars today as damaging thunderstorms are possible across the region. An overview of the outlook area shows potentially severe weather across much of Wyoming, Colorado, Nebraska and Kansas. The highest risk is east of the Denver metro area into Nebraska and Kansas, but that's not to say there is not a risk right here in the metro area too. The risks will include destructive hail and isolated tornadoes. This isn't to say all areas will see t

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