image: Denver Weather: A guide to your weekend weather includes thunderstorms and cooler temperaturesDenver Weather

Denver Weather: A guide to your weekend weather includes thunderstorms and cooler temperatures

We are almost to the weekend, and although Thursday is very warm (near 80°) and mostly dry, we do have cooler temperatures and increased storm chances going through the next few days. Let's take a look at how these changes may affect your weekend plans including Memorial Day - Monday does look like the 'nicest' of the "weekend." First off, a forecast guide. Across the top we have a daypart summary. More specifically per hour, across the middle we have temperatures, and across the bottom we have
Severe Weather
Devastating hailstorm pounds Yuma, Colorado Monday night
We spoke to you yesterday on the severe weather threat expected over northeast Colorado yesterday afternoon and evening, you can read about it below: Colorado Weather: Severe weather including risk of tornadoes for parts of the stateSevere weather will increase across the state again today. Let’s look at the outlook area first for a general look at where the threat of damage is highest. Although much of the state can have a thunderstorm today, note the increased risk of severity east of DIA, fr
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Colorado Weather: Severe weather including risk of tornadoes for parts of the state
Severe weather will increase across the state again today. Let's look at the outlook area first for a general look at where the threat of damage is highest. Although much of the state can have a thunderstorm today, note the increased risk of severity east of DIA, from Greeley, Cheyenne, and Strasburg toward the plains and into Nebraska and Kansas. Let's move onto a timeline. This animation walks us all through the day into early Tuesday morning. Be careful out there, the storms will pack a pu
image: Denver Weather: Storms firing up and you could be in for a wet afternoon and eveningDenver Weather
Denver Weather: Storms firing up and you could be in for a wet afternoon and evening
It's Tuesday afternoon and the radar is starting to see some thunderstorms, with many more expected during the coming hours. Let's take a look at what you can expect today and Wednesday in terms of these rain chances. Radar as of 12:52: Let's go forward - an animation to show you the approximate time and location for active weather. Generally, we see an increase in storm activity Tuesday afternoon and another round Wednesday afternoon, with isolated storms overnight and in the morning. The od
La Niña
Mid-May update: Showers persist in forecast, but overall drier pattern ahead; Latest on La Niña
We continue the cool down of SST anomalies across the ENSO region of the Pacific, with El Niño quickly fading and La Niña on the way by late summer if not before. El Niño has weakened a lot over the last several weeks, with some indicators suggesting we are already at a neutral or near-neutral ENSO state. The ENSO 3.4 region which was 1+ degrees C above average all winter has neutralized quite a bit since April 1st, and is nearing that zero line: You can see the cooler than average SSTs real
northern lights
Northern Lights: First G4 geomagnetic watch in nearly 20 years!
We've had several folks asking great questions about this today, so here's an update on what to expect, when to expect it, and how the weather will cooperate! > A Severe (G4) Geomagnetic Storm remains LIKELY... — NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center (@NWSSWPC) May 10, 2024 For the first time in nearly 2
Denver Weather
Denver Weather: Winter weather advisory nearby as snow drops to 6,000ft
There's an unsettled weather pattern continuing today, and this will be the case right through the weekend with daily chances for rain and thunderstorms - oh, and snow for some too. Those with the snow chances are the western and southern fringes of the Denver metro area, and in the ranges just west of Colorado Springs. Enough snow (6-12") may fall to create some issues in the highlighted alert regions shown in the following two maps. This snow is mostly confined to elevations from 6,000 feet
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Denver Weather: Wind drops, along with temperatures which may hit freezing for us tonight
The wind has been decreasing Tuesday compared to the nasty stuff we had the past two days. As we continue to calm a bit today into tonight, temperatures will cool down to near freezing and below, a threat to you if you've already charged your irrigation systems and have early-season plants. Got wind? As mentioned, the wind gusts are starting to calm a bit. This is not to say we are done with it, but that the wind will be more tolerable today for a lot of the area. A recap on the strongest wind
Denver Weather
Denver Weather: Wind today, a freeze to follow
There's enough wind to go around, it can stop now but won't. Oh, and let's throw in a late-season freeze, too, shall we?! There's an active alerts map to show you with the wind concerns being primarily today, and then a possible freeze for Tuesday night into Wednesday morning. What's the setup? A very strong upper-level system is churning over the northern states—Montana and the Dakotas—through midweek. This system is drawing in a lot of energy as it progresses, and we feel that energy as the w
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Gusty wind ahead this weekend
Hey folks, a brief update for this weekend: we figured we'd let you know about a storm system on approach. This will go well to the north keeping most of us dry, but does lead to gusty wind along the Front Range. Upper level pattern around noon Saturday, Pacific storm crashing onshoreUpper level pattern Sunday night, storm moves east quickly, but stays well northTo start, Saturday will feel a bit cooler compared to today & Sunday - not by too much, though. In general, 60s for Denver Saturday,
AM Update
Wednesday AM update: April downpours bring May showers?
And oh what an April it was for northeast Colorado thanks in large part to last week's super-soaker delivered plentiful moisture to the region. Precipitation totals from 1 to 2"+ from Fort Collins south to Pueblo, with much of the state seeing at least SOME precipitation from that storm aside from the southeast plains. Denver recorded 3.28" of precipitation in April, more than 1.5" above average for the month. This will place April 2024 in the 18th spot for wettest Aprils on record. The wettes
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Colorado Weather: Incredibly wet system delivers more rain and heavy snow throughout the day, a guide to your Saturday
What a wet system this one has been! Heavy thunderstorms, some severe last night, across the Front Range and plains, delivered significant rain and some hail. Throughout the night, another push of heavy rain arrived and there is snow mixing in with that rainfall for areas of Douglas, Elbert, and El Paso Counties, spreading to metro locations near and above 6,000 feet. And then, there's the driving mess in the high country where the snowfall has been dumping. Keep an eye on your trees today wit
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Denver weather: Saturday morning's super soaker is on track to produce big-time rainfall totals and some snow too
The next system is set to arrive as we hit the weekend, and its timing looks to spread remarkably heavy rainfall across the Front Range and Plains as early as Saturday morning. If you have outdoor plans on Saturday (we have soccer and lacrosse games...well, maybe we do), you may need to cancel/rearrange those plans. In this post, catch up on the latest with this storm system's timing, rainfall totals, and who sees snow. This is the second system that we have been watching closely for you this p
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Denver weather: Calm now, severe weather possible on plains as thunderstorms increase area wide
It's a calm and beautiful start to Thursday, but an approaching system (the first of a few that we have discussed previously ) will bring a risk of damaging thunderstorms and very heavy moisture to parts of the Front Range and Eastern Plains in just a few hours. First, a timeline for the state: That animation will show some isolated storms on the plains this afternoon and early evening ( these have
Colorado Weather
Colorado weather: heavy rain (with some snow) this weekend
In our last post, we teased a possible storm system for this upcoming weekend. The potential for heavy precipitation (mainly rain with some snow) looks like it's still on the table. Let's get right into this thing. To start, we will be mild Wednesday, Thursday and for part of Friday. A stout ridge, leading to dry and warm weather, will hang out overhead during this time. Upper-Level Storm Pattern Wednesday AfternoonYou can already start to see the pattern evolving out west as early as Wednesda
Denver Weather
April storm's snowfall totals 3rd largest in a decade, what created this jet enhanced setup for deeper snow
As discussed in yesterday's snowfall forecast, we anticipated snowbanding to deliver heavy snowfall to parts of the Front Range, and that did indeed end up being the case. The recap: Here are totals through 7am: Here are other totals, through mid-Saturday that have arrived: The History: For Denver officially, the 6am report is 6.3" which makes this the 3rd biggest April snow storm in a decade. In the past ten years, the highest storm totals for DIA are April 16/17th, 2016 at 12.1" and April
Denver Forecast
Cold front, upslope, and an active jet will combine to provide Denver area chance for accumulating snow Friday into Saturday
A bit more chilly and unsettled weather to work through here to end the week and start the weekend with what looks like a decent chance for much of the northern Front Range and urban corridor to pick up a bit of snow and slush later today and overnight into Saturday. The greatest snowfall totals will favor higher terrain to the west of I-25 as you might expect. Here there is a Winter Weather Advisory issued which will go into effect at 6 pm this evening and expire at 9 am Saturday morning. Any
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Denver Weather: Wintry mix hits and impacts us into the weekend
A cold front swept through the region (swept, odd we use that word for this phenomenon) last night and many of us woke to fog and some icy accumulation on our patios. For the next few days, a wintry mix remains possible, and even some snow accumulation by Saturday morning. Let's set the stage with an hourly planner for both temperatures and precipitation for Denver. See the temperatures top out in the middle 40s for us today, then into the lower 50s for Friday, and back into the 40s for Saturd
Denver Forecast
Another windy storm with some front range moisture chances
As of noon Monday, a slow-moving upper level low pressure was situated over central Utah. On the front side, we're beginning to see some surface low pressure develop as well. This storm is bringing a lot of wind with it this afternoon, along with some widespread fire danger. As the system pivots east tonight into Tuesday, there will be a quick shot at moisture. As of now, short and mid-range data seems to have a bit of disagreement as to how much moisture we'll be able to squeeze out... let's di
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Denver Weather: A passing rain shower today before a big-time warm-up brings first 80-degree day of the year
Sure, you could see a shower pass by today, but the odds are not overwhelming. Once this little disturbance passes us, we are in for quite a warming trend the remainder of the week into the weekend, when we could have our first 80-degree day of the year so far. Here's a quick timeline of both temperatures and rain chances: Notice the rain chances are pretty much just this afternoon into the evening. Here's a look at the hourly showers across the state until midnight. With that, there will be