image: The State of the Atmosphere: Sunday, November 28th, 2021State of the Atmosphere

The State of the Atmosphere: Sunday, November 28th, 2021

We continue the wait for Denver's first official snow of the season. The previous record-latest first snow, set back in 1934, is now a week behind us, and there's not much snow to speak of in the forecast either. Denver's first snow of the 2021-22 season has yet to be recorded despite snow this past week for parts of the metro area. Thanksgiving Eve did feature some nice light snow across the region, but most of what managed to accumulate hugged the foothills, with a Trace to 1" for the western
Denver will see its latest first snow on record in 2021 as 87 year old record fell Sunday
Denver will officially see its latest first snow of the season on record this year, as the previous record set in 1934 came and went yesterday. Now the question becomes – by how many days will the new record be set? I wrote this little poem this morning to celebrate the moment: It'll snow eventually, Yesterday was not the day. It'll snow eventually, Today is not the day. It'll snow eventually, Tomorrow is not the day. It'll snow eventually... What do you think? The system we discus
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Denver's last chance for precipitation before setting latest first snow on record likely to come in the form of rain if at all
Quick update this afternoon to touch on our weekend outlook and what chance we have (if any) of seeing measurable snow at Denver International Airport before we set a new record of latest first snow of the season come Sunday. The latest first measurable snow (0.1" or more) is currently November 21st, set back in 1934. On Wednesday a few locations along the Front Range did in fact see their first measurable snow of the season. The Fort Collins area had some spotty totals near 1.0", with most ot
image: After another warm and windy November day, temperatures tumble with a slight chance for rain and snowDenver Forecast
After another warm and windy November day, temperatures tumble with a slight chance for rain and snow
We could essentially copy and paste our last post , with temperatures again set to cool off across Eastern Colorado, but without a chance of rain and snow of any significance along with it. Today the story remains warmer than average temperature across the state, and gusty winds. A Red Flag Warning is in effect for the Denver metro area and southern Front Ra
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Slight chance of rain and snow showers tonight as latest first snow on record date inches closer for Denver
As we discussed in this week's State of the Atmosphere , the week has featured more wind than anything else across the northeast plains of Colorado. Denver, and most cities along the Front Range, continue the wait for the season's first snow – and what shower activity we see tonight isn't likely to get the job done. Fortunately the pattern has delivered some snowfall to the high country this week, wit
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The State of the Atmosphere: Sunday, November 7th, 2021
I've lost track if this is second, third, or fourth summer... but my goodness how nice (albeit a bit strange?) has the weather been this weekend. Denver recorded a record high of 80°F on Saturday, breaking the old record for the date of 79°F set back in 1934, and nearly tying the all-time record high for the month of November of 81°F set in 2017. We'll make another run at summer again today, with near-record highs in the forecast once more along the Front Range. The record high for the date
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Drought growth continues from Colorado to Texas
Although the spring and early summer saw drought conditions improve for Colorado to Texas, that isn't the case anymore as drought has increased during the past two months. This image is the amount of change during the past eight weeks. The good news is that parts of the Dakotas and Minnesota have seen improvement. Here is the latest drought monitor: Of course, that monitor is based on months and months worth of dryness. When you look at just the precipitation in the past 60 days, you'll spot
AM Update
Monday AM update: Chilly weather holds on, drizzle and at times snow showers possible
As we said would likely be the case, models have continued to back away from snow accumulation potential across the urban corridor this week, even as we remain under a chilly northwesterly flow aloft. With that, the likelihood of Denver seeing its first measurable snow of the season this week looks low (but not impossible) at this time, with chilly temperatures at at times drizzle being the more likely weather "event" this week. Still, some heavier snow showers are possible at times, but will be
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A chilly Halloween with some snow possible for the week
Anecdotally, I look back at growing up here and think of all Halloweens as being cold and often enough there was snow to ruin my costume. We know that isn't always true, but the weather pattern is set to shift , and with that shift will it support my memory this year? For the Denver area, Halloweens since 1872 have been as warm at 79 degrees, with an average high temperature of 57. Nearly 75% of years did have high temperatu
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Snow for northeast Colorado by Sunday? Possible as chilly pattern sets up for next week
Ridging sets up over the next couple of days following yesterday's wind event and Tuesday's wind and precipitation which managed to deliver the first couple inches of snow to portions of the Palmer Divide Tuesday evening. With that, we look for temperatures to moderate for today and Friday, and stay generally warm (but perhaps cooler than Friday) on Saturday. As you can see, but Sunday cooler weather will be ushered into the region as a large trough sets up to our northeast. This will put no
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Winter outlook 2021 - 2022
In the early part of September we released our initial long range outlook for the cold season which is now upon us. As promised, today we revisit that post a bit, will see what's changed and what's stayed the same, and issue our annual winter (season) outlook for Denver, Colorado, and the region. In most respects, our thoughts from a month ago have c
AM Update
Wind brings near-record heat ahead of rain showers Tuesday
The wind ramps up ahead of a cold front that will deliver some rain and snow to the state followed by a mid-week cool off. Monday's temperatures will be near-record territory but morning clouds may stop a new record a few degrees shy of the 84 degree mark. Denver hit that record of 84 in 2017. Instead, the city will make a run at 80°F, although strong wind gusts may be able to bump temperatures into the lower 80s. Here are high temperatures through the week for a few locations in the region:
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The State of the Atmosphere: Sunday, October 17th, 2021
Last week's system failed to produce measurable snowfall across the Denver area, and with that we'll fly past the average first snowfall date of October 18th tomorrow, with no snow currently in the forecast for the Mile High City. The last time our first snow of the season came late was in 2016, and that year we didn't see the first measurable snow until November 16th [
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Bundle up on Thursday, and keep an eye to the sky for the season's first flakes of snow in Denver
Temperatures drop into the 40s for highs on Thursday as our next disturbance brings another shot of chilly air and precipitation to the state. While Denver is likely to see its first snowfall of the season, it's not clear yet if we'll manage enough accumulation to declare a winner for this year's first (measurable) snowfall prediction contest . The most likely scenario it seems, is that we'll see some rain and flak
PM Update
Monday PM update: Wind, rain, snow, who sees what when
We've talked quite a bit about the chilly weather on the way this week, with of course the reminder to move or protect plants you aren't ready to lose for the season just yet as well as hardening up those sprinkler lines for the winter. Tonight we'll take a look at the latest data on the snow and rain, and see when who might see what and when. The main event, if you will, swings through the Great Basin tonight and then across Colorado on Tuesday. As it does, it'll eject pretty far northeast br
State of the Atmosphere
The State of the Atmosphere: Sunday, October 10th, 2021
The past week was very quiet across the region, but this week will bring the first strong cool off of the season including first frost and freeze for many locations as well as rain and snow to Colorado. Top line: Be sure sure protect any plants you want to save from frost and freeze as early as Sunday night! Frost advisories are posted for parts of the metro area with lows in the 30s. Details are below along with a quick look at rain and snow areas. We brought this weather change to your atten
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Potential first freeze on the way for the Denver metro area
We continue to watch signs of a change next week toward much colder temperatures and the possibility of rain and even some snow, too. Denver's last freezing temperature was on May 12th and the city could hit that freezing point again next week; certainly a first frost for many areas is on the way. And, the last time snow was measured was April 21st; there's a chance for s
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Two systems in the pipeline could deliver rain, snow, and plenty of wind to Colorado
A relatively active period of weather coming up over the next week or so, with a couple of weaker systems to watch for late this week and weekend, followed by a strong trough set to move through the Rockies by the early to middle part of next week. Early Friday we see a trough move inland off the West Coast. It'll eject a piece of energy out ahead of the main trough which is currently expected to stay far enough north of Colorado not to cause major impacts on our weather, but some mountain sto
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The outlook for October 2021 leans mild and dry for Colorado
October's weather pattern may not shift much from what we saw in September. For Colorado that means drier and warmer than average conditions are most probable. For September, we recorded a drier and warmer month than average. In looking at October, precipitation and temperatures are most tied to the AMO, MJO, PDO and PNA. In the past few decades, 2017 most closely matches the ocean and teleconnections that we have currently. 2017 was 0.42" drier than average for Colorado and 0.2° warmer than
AM Update
Wednesday AM update: Rain, snow, and cooler temperatures – a welcome change arrives in Colorado!
The weather will be feeling much more fall-like to end the month after what has largely been a hot and dry September across the region. After record highs in the 90s in recent days, we will drop to near 70°F in Denver today, and perhaps not break the 60°F mark on Thursday! Temperatures in the 50s and 60s will remain in the forecast for the metro area through Saturday at least, with perhaps some low 70s back in the forecast for Sunday. With the cooler temperatures, will also come an increased