Warming forecast for the Fourth of July

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July Fourth is upon us and we will feel temperatures warm from Friday through the fourth, meanwhile rain chances will hold relatively steady.

The 4th is 'normally' 88 degrees, but was as hot as 102 in 1874 and as cold as 59 in 1972. (Those statistics are the daily high temperatures).

This year isn't likely to be too far off par.

Temperature Outlook

Let's step through temperatures for Saturday, Sunday and Monday across Colorado.

This is a warm forecast but not extreme.

For a few select locations, the high temperature forecast through Monday is shown here, and all of which are below record highs and near normal ones.


Rainfall Outlook

Stepping through the rainfall forecast, as we did with temperatures above, we see some areas of rainfall possible this weekend across the state. The following projection is of estimated total rainfall from Friday through Monday.

The most likely areas of rainfall are across Southern Colorado nearer to some tropical moisture that is flowing across New Mexico.

For all of us, the rainfall chances are spread throughout the weekend. Let's look at Boulder as one example for daily rain chances.

That image above shows the highest chances of weekend rainfall to come through Boulder late Sunday through Monday. You can select any location you want on the map to see rain chances, a feature available to subscribers here.

Bottom line

Bringing this all together, let's look at the hourly forecasts for Fort Collins, Denver, Castle Rock and Colorado Springs.