70s with increased rain chances this weekend, Denver

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A strong cold front will arrive to cool the weekend by 20 to 30 degrees across parts of Colorado.

Denver area high temperatures Friday will be in the 90s, but only 60s and 70s Saturday and Sunday.

Across the state Friday:



This cold front will also collide with some moisture across the region to increase the chance for rain, particularly across southern Colorado.

Estimated total precipitation through the weekend:

Potential 3-day rainfall totals for Northern Front Range:

And, Southern Front Range:

With all those estimated rainfall totals, how likely is the rainfall? Well, here's a look at the hourly probabilities for Denver and Colorado Springs.


Colorado Springs:

The month has yet to be overly active for rainfall, and a large portion of Colorado has been drier than average. Since the start of the month:

Denver (using the city's official climate station, KDEN) is running one inch drier than normal for the year to date with just over six inches total precipitation. Just for June, the city has had 0.53" with 1.59" being the average for the month to date.