Record heat for the weekend, where's the rain?

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Hot weather moves in for the weekend as the region sees a drop in rain chances, too. Denver to come to near 100 degrees both Saturday and Sunday.

What's happening? A ridge of high pressure will be dominating the western/southwestern U.S. for the next several days.

A ridge is an area of relative calm, suppressing rain chances, and bringing heat this time of the year.

This ridge is basically centered on Colorado and New Mexico.

As a result, look at the temperatures forecast for Colorado from Friday through Monday:

Saturday's temperatures will be nearest record highs for Denver and Cheyenne. Those records which may be broken are:

If you look at Denver's daily highs and lows, we certainly see the heat this weekend before a cool down early next week.

Along with this heat comes lower chances for rain. If you look at just the total rainfall now through the weekend, it isn't all that wet.

Ooohhh, my water bill... rain chances will increase a bit with the early week cool down. What's going on with the monsoon in July? ->

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