The State of the Atmosphere: Sunday, November 6th, 2022

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Happy time change everyone! We hope the milder weather on the way to start the workweek Monday will ease that transition some for us all.

For Denver this means temperatures will climb back into the 60s to near 70°F Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, before our next cold front arrives midweek and cools temperatures back into the 40s along the Front Range.

Election Day Tuesday
Election day across the state looks quite nice across the state. Nationally, the biggest weather impacts are expected across the West Coast and Great Basin as our next system moves onshore.

Rinse and repeat for the high country
Like the last couple of weeks, a system is set to bring more mountain snow to Colorado Wednesday night and Thursday, some of which could pile up nicely.

Thanks to last week's system, Colorado's snowpack is off to a great start this year. Median statewide snowpack is sitting at 154%:

Through Thursday evening the European ensemble mean snowfall forecast has the following for snow across Colorado – likely a bit low for some of those higher peaks across the north central mountains:

More snow for the plains too?
The big question is if we'll see another snowfall along the urban corridor and eastern plains with this system.

Right now it looks like we'll see some snow showers by Wednesday night and during the day Thursday, but the primary impact will be a sharply colder day Thursday vs Wednesday.

As you can see in the Euro snow plot above, it's not all that enthusiastic about snow east of the hills. Still, other models show a but more potential, with perhaps a Trace to 3" event on the table if you're to believe the GFS.

The Euro is faster and further north with the track of the system, while the GFS is a bit a slower and further south with the low.

We'll be watching and see how things trend in the coming days... but for now, plan on a warm start to the week, a chilly end, and perhaps a bit more snow on the way for the urban corridor, and certainly for the mountains.

And, in either event, a great blast of snow for the western United States, with several feet of the white stuff in play in California, extending into portions of Utah and Wyoming – we'll take it.