Denver Weather: Snow clears, melts and next storm on the way

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It's Thursday morning, and although quite cold, we have sunshine and warmer temperatures on the way until the next system arrives.

A quick check on the hourly temperatures shows the warm up to come in the next three days.

This, with sunshine, will quickly melt a lot of our most recent snowfall. The following are storm totals from the last round.

I thought you may be curious how the season to date is progressing, so the map is the season's totals thus far, and I overlaid some rankings for those locations with a top 5 season to date.

Denver has received 40.5" to date this season, which is roughly six inches ahead of normal.

And, with that you may be wondering when the next snow storm will be. Well, we have several quiet days with snow chances to increase very late Monday through the midweek.

For a weekly glance at highs and lows, we have several mild days before the snow chances return.

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