Colorado weather: From tornadoes to hail, the threat of damage and injuries continues

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Wednesday was very active across the eastern half of Colorado, with notable reports of large hail and tornadoes throughout the late day. In total, you can visually see the number of warnings the area was dealing with:

A number of injuries were reported from Red Rocks while concert-goers fled a severe thunderstorm. As of this post 90 were injured – 7 of which were severe enough to be hospitalized, from Ping-Pong size hail stones there.

Yesterday's storm reports across the state are shown. Of these, egg to baseball size hail was reported in Washington, Bent, El Paso, Logan, Baca, Lincoln, and Jefferson Counties. Red dots here are the tornado reports, hail in blue.

As far as the tornado activity, it was picturesque but thankfully not severe within the state. The best footage of the day came from the always reliable chaser Tony Laubach with AccuWeather.

In terms of rain, we had plenty to go around in that department, too. Denver officially received 1.85" and Colorado Springs had 1.62".

So, what does today hold for us? Potentially another round of damaging storms. The yellows indicate the highest risk potential for the day.

We can look at the overall odds of having storms, followed by the rough timeline of locations in this sequence of image:

After today, we calm down again. So, there are better pool days ahead.

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