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Weekend Weather Outlook

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Thunderstorms will be floating around the next several days but I wouldn't call any single day a washout, which is great for your outdoor plans.

Although we may see an isolated severe thunderstorm, that threat is low throughout the next few days. Flooding could be an issue for burn scars and watch out for lightning if you'll be outdoors. Most of the storms will be pretty high off the ground and may give us some strong wind gusts as they pass by.

Let's take a closer look at today. Here are the chances for thunderstorms across the state.

And follow that up with a time series of the storms to help you plan.

You can see how we are in a persistent pattern here through the next three days with the following hourly planner for Denver.

And, on the horizon we just have a bit of a cool down by Monday, not too much of one though.

Speaking of horizon and weekend, keep an eye above the horizon toward the northeast the next few nights... let us know if you see any Perseid meteors; they sky looks mostly favorable to have a view.

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