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Denver weather: Record cold Monday morning, hotter days ahead

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Denver started the week off setting a new record; a record low temperature was reached at DIA this morning of 49°F, which ties the previous record of 49°F from 1976.

From here, we warm up sluggishly today to around 80°, but as we look at the hourly planner you'll see temperatures return to the 90s tomorrow.

In case you are curious, this summer hasn't been notably hot or cold – you probably guessed that, right? 🙂 Officially, for the summer to date, we are 40th coolest on record since 1872.

We've seen our fair share of some clouds this weekend and a couple areas of rain around the metro area, but there has been some heavier rain within the state with a little surge in the monsoon. We discussed this aspect in yesterday's post, in case you missed it:

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As far as today's rain chances, the focus is on the southern mountains and valleys.

If you look at Denver's rain chances, we have very low-end chances for the remainder of the workweek as temperatures warm up. So, if you are looking for some last-of-the-season pool time, better days ahead.