Denver Weather: Fall, is that you? Cooler week ahead with rain chances

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Feels like fall today, cloudy and light rain at our headquarters with football on the tv so that must mean that fall is in the air.

For the week ahead, Denver and the Front Range will be considerably cooler with 60s and 70s versus the 80s and 90s, which will be 5 to 15 degrees cooler than normal from day to day this week.

No, that low of 48 for Saturday isn't the first of the "season," we've had a couple temperatures that cool in the past month. The last time the city had a high temperature in the 60s was way back on June 16th, though, so that will feel cool come Monday.

There will be some moisture to come through, too. From day to day our rain chances will fluctuate. Here's a look at the cloud cover and rain chances throughout the next 10 days.

Notice, rain chances and clouds are a bit more prevalent this week versus next.

For rough estimates on the rainfall totals, here's a general idea for the next week.

While the heavier totals will be south of Denver, a projection near an inch or so is good enough for me to turn the sprinkler system off and see how it goes this week.

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