Denver weather: Arctic cold to hang on through Monday, meanwhile mountains get dumped on with heavy snow and wind

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We aren't going to rival the stretch of cold of 1983, but the next three days may end up somewhere in the top 30 of coldest three day stretches. The average high through Monday will be near 4 degrees is all!

This list is of the coldest average high temperature of three day periods. If we truly average about 4 degrees, that puts Denver Area at the 25th coldest three day stretch on record.

As of this post, Denver low temperature for today is -12 degrees, which is warmer than the -20 degree record low for this date from 1875.

There have been notable records so far during this Arctic cold snap, here are some through this morning:

And, we expect a lot more records to fall this week. The potential new record daily low temperatures are shown here:

And potential record daily low warmest temperatures are shown here:

So, yes cold but for Colorado there are only a handful, at best, of records expected to be set. Since we are on the cold theme, I thought this graphic from Weather Channel was a good reference on the coldest temperature ever recorded per state.

I'll wrap up this cold chatter with the hourly planner for Denver, which has the temperatures across the top.

Across the bottom of that image is snow chances. Considering how cold it is, any snow you get will be like literal powder - super light/dry flakes. This snow is coming in from the mountains, which are catching a lot of snow this weekend.

This animation shows the heaviest snow areas in deepest blue, and occasionally shows that snow covering much of the Front Range and Plains by Monday.

There are going to be some really impressive totals out of this holiday weekend.

You guessed it. If you want to go to the mountains to not only find some warmer temperatures, but to play in that deep snow, you'll have to pack some patience on the roads - they'll be a mess. Throw in a wind and I don't want to be on the passes; be careful if you are in the high country.

So, as you are driving around you'll see those CDOT signs warning you about the obvious. Cold down here, snowy up in the mountains. Most of the state is covered in alerts of one form or the other, be careful is basically the bottom line here.

If you are not a fan of the cold, check out Wednesday! This snap only lasts about three days...

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