Denver and Front Range wind event continues, subsides before eclipse; clouds and showers become an issue for Monday's Eclipse

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The wind event continues across the state, particularly the Northern Front Range and the Eastern Plains; wind warnings continue through noon and 6 pm, respectively. As the wind event calms, we focus on cloud cover for Monday's partial eclipse viewing.

First, the wind. Here are the Sunday morning observations from the weather service - some of which topped 90 mph!

The wind threat continues through the day but does calm progressively. The warnings are shown here.

Again, if all goes to schedule, those warnings will expire for metro areas midday as the wind calms. The Eastern Plains will have wind through the afternoon before calming. Here's an animation of the wind through Sunday.

If you prefer a chart view versus map, here we have Colorado Springs and Denver.


Okay, so we are taking care of one weather issue this weekend, now onto the cloud cover and how it may impact your eclipse viewing Monday. Here's a look at the animation from Monday morning through the afternoon of clouds and the location of showers.

An hourly timeline of clouds for Denver which shows the peak viewing time at 56% cloud cover. Cloud cover will increased to the south and west of the city, decreased to the north.

And, not to leave anyone out, here is the national map of the eclipse viewing conditions.

Perhaps you see some of those showers that pop up Monday. Yes, there will be some floating around but for Denver, the chance is low and stays low for a few days as temperatures float around the 50s and 60s for highs through Tuesday.

In our next update, we will have more on your workweek and the next chance of rain and snow for Wednesday. Until then, have a great remainder of your weekend, and let us know how that eclipse looks to you in the comments below or on social. As always, subscribe to weather5280 to stay ahead of the storm!