Denver Weather: A passing rain shower today before a big-time warm-up brings first 80-degree day of the year

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Sure, you could see a shower pass by today, but the odds are not overwhelming. Once this little disturbance passes us, we are in for quite a warming trend the remainder of the week into the weekend, when we could have our first 80-degree day of the year so far.

Here's a quick timeline of both temperatures and rain chances:

Notice the rain chances are pretty much just this afternoon into the evening. Here's a look at the hourly showers across the state until midnight.

With that, there will be some accumulations. So, first, let us look at the total possible precipitation, then the snow for those higher elevations.

In theory, someone in the metro area can pick up a quick tenth of an inch of water, but totals higher than that will come for the northern mountains, where there will be a touch of snow.

So, there's not a lot of either rain or snow to go around for today. Now, onto the warming trend.

As the graph above shows, temperatures will warm on Thursday and Friday. Let me expand on that and include the next seven days.

There you see Denver has the chance to hit 80 this weekend - or close to it.

How long has it been since the last 80-degree day? That would be October 23rd, 2023 when Denver hit 81º. When do we "normally" have our first 80-degree day? Well, "normally" (I use that term loosely, it is as normal as I am) we will have our first 80º by April 27th but it has been as late as June 14th to hit that mark - that was way back in 1883.

So, we are a bit early if you consider what is "normal," but then again, we were late to hitting our first 70º day. Latest first 70°F day in over 40 years for the city.

I, for one, love snow, but I am ready to feel 80 degrees. I also need to keep inching my snowblower to its summer hiding place.

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Have a good Wednesday, we'll check in with you later this week.