Colorado Weather: Incredibly wet system delivers more rain and heavy snow throughout the day, a guide to your Saturday

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What a wet system this one has been! Heavy thunderstorms, some severe last night, across the Front Range and plains, delivered significant rain and some hail. Throughout the night, another push of heavy rain arrived and there is snow mixing in with that rainfall for areas of Douglas, Elbert, and El Paso Counties, spreading to metro locations near and above 6,000 feet. And then, there's the driving mess in the high country where the snowfall has been dumping.

Keep an eye on your trees today with this sloppy wintry mix we have falling.

Please let us know what you are seeing by dropping us a quick note in the comments below.

Here's the Saturday morning scene near Larkspur:

And, we have this along I-70 near the Tunnels - there is a safety closure nearby for eastbound traffic from Dillon/Frisco to the Tunnel:

Let's take a quick look at how much snow and rain has fallen through 6 am this morning.

For the majority of the metro areas and the Northern Front Range, we have had more than 1/2 - 1" of total precipitation, and we still have the rest of the day to go!

Speaking of which, let's look at the animation for today. Note that we will still be looking at a rain/snow mix, but the trend will be for things to slowly dry out late today through Sunday morning.

This will leave us with more than two inches of water coming. Here is the total precipitation expected from 6 am Saturday through Sunday morning.

And the snow... Here is the total snowfall expected from 6 am Saturday through Sunday morning. The mountains will have a couple feet on some ranges, and the Palmer Divide may see a few/several inches in isolated cases. That vast majority of what falls in the metro areas will be a slushy accumulation, with much of it melting quickly.

This is a remarkable system for water, although inconvenient for outdoor plans and youth sports (anyone want to calm my kids down about their game cancellations? No, no takers? Okay, we will head to the movies or something).

Now, you know Saturday is a wash - but you do have improving conditions for Sunday, albeit muddy and soggy for a lot of outdoor stuff. The planner shows the shower chances dropping, temperatures near 60° Sunday and nearly 70° Monday.

Again, please let us know what you are seeing. We will keep you posted on the storm totals as this system leaves - they will be impressive. If you haven't signed up yet for our emails (cheaper than tap water), please do so to stay up to date on #cowx ( click here ).