Denver Weather: A guide to your weekend weather includes thunderstorms and cooler temperatures

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We are almost to the weekend, and although Thursday is very warm (near 80°) and mostly dry, we do have cooler temperatures and increased storm chances going through the next few days. Let's take a look at how these changes may affect your weekend plans including Memorial Day - Monday does look like the 'nicest' of the "weekend."

First off, a forecast guide. Across the top we have a daypart summary. More specifically per hour, across the middle we have temperatures, and across the bottom we have rain chances.

Note how temperatures take a bit of a hit as we begin to see a few more thunderstorms floating by. As of today, the odds of severe weather appear to be low, we are in the season when we do need to watch for such activity. The stronger storms can carry damaging hail or wind despite the overall threat being low.

We can turn to our storm animation (sorry for such a little clock, I'm hoping to cover less land that way) as a guide to walk you through Monday night.

As far as how much rain we can see, this is just an estimate through Memorial Day:

And, it's still cold enough in the high country for some of the showers to produce snow, so here is the snowfall forecast through Monday.

For this weekend, we know many of us look at it as a holiday but for so many it means something much different. We remember the sacrifices of military families who have endured separation, loss, and hardship in support of their loved ones' service. We wish you the best this weekend.