Denver weather: Back to heat and bad air quality... oh joy!

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After several stormy and cooler days, we become drier and hotter the rest of the week – throw in lousy air quality too.

During the past week, we have had some impressive rainfall totals but there have also been a number of damaging hail reports - mine included. Here's a look at the total precipitation since Saturday:

Let's look ahead to today, with isolated storms staying mostly south of I-70.

Temperatures will reach the upper 80s, at least, this afternoon, before jumping to the 90s for Wednesday and Thursday. Here's a timeline showing the hourly temperatures on top, and precipitation chances on the bottom.

As temperatures heat up, there may be some records to fall. Not necessarily record setting for Denver, but Colorado Springs, Pueblo, and Grand Junction are places that will likely set new record high temperatures this week. Here's the WeatherBoard (available to Insiders) showing the high temperature forecast for the region.

And here are the forecast departures from record highs. As you can see, Denver will be close on Wednesday, though perhaps a degree or two shy, but other cities across the region have a chance at some new records over the coming days:

With heat and our stagnant air/pollution, it isn't the best of times for our lungs. Here's the air quality issue for today, with similar issues in the days ahead.

Temperatures may dip just a bit going into the weekend, we will have more on that outlook for you as we get closer. Have a great Tuesday.