Colorado weather: Temperatures heating up as we officially kick off summer

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The record heat we saw across the Northeast U.S. in recent days will ease as the ridge across the east breaks down and we see ridging establish itself again in the west.

The big ridge in the east was matched by a quite impressive trough across the mountain west as well. The chilly temps meant snow for a good portion of Montana this week, including a foot of the white stuff in Glacier National Park!

While meteorological summer started June 1, and we can all agree we've already seen a good share of summer temperatures around here, the "official" start to summer comes tomorrow – and with it, plenty more heat is on the way it appears!

Here's a look at the shifting pattern this weekend into early next week. You'll note the reds across the Northeast breaking down, and the ridge/reds establishing themselves across the Four Corners region.

As this happens, look for temperatures to gradually climb through the weekend. Mid to upper 80s in Denver on Thursday and Friday, before the heat gets cranking this weekend and in particular early next week. A few models show Denver approaching the century mark by Monday.

The good news is, we have a couple more shots of storms before the hotter weather arrives, with about a 30% chance for the metro area Thursday and Friday. Nothing that looks all too severe, but this time of year that should always be in the back of your mind for any storms that do manage to fire over the coming days.

Guidance is in pretty good agreement that next week will be hot across the region. A few global models show a healthy cool down by next weekend and at least a brief reprieve from the heat – but that's a ways off, so we'll see.

Happy summer! And, stay cool!