Denver Weather: City hits 100° first time since 2022, storms on the horizon

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As of 3pm, Denver was sitting at 99° - the record for today is 105° (the hottest temperature ever recorded officially here), with storms in the distance to offer a brief cooldown for a few folks.

EDIT: As of 4pm, Denver officially hit 100° this afternoon. This is the first 100° day since August 5th, 2022, when the city hit 101; note that there were no 100s last year. The most 100° days on record is from 2012 with 13 days, followed by 2005 with 7, and then 2022 with 5.

Those storms have been in the high country, now nearing the Front Range with lightning and heavy rainfall hitting between Wellington and Fort Collins at 3pm. A few additional storms popping up closer to Denver, too.

For the next several hours, there will be storms to move through. Here are some snapshots showing that timeline.

The storms may contain hail, but wind will likely be the bigger issue today.

The chance for storms increases for tomorrow and Thursday, this keeps us just a smidge cooler with some lower to middle 90s... I'll take it.

We will have an update on tomorrow's storms in a morning post. Have a good afternoon/evening.