Denver Weather: A guide to your weekend weather

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Periodic storms will grab attention today through Sunday, with large hail and damaging wind being the primary threat Friday for the northeastern corner of the state. Gusty wind will be possible throughout the weekend for the Denver area, where temperatures will be coolest Saturday.

Let's summarize the weekend in one graphic, hourly temperatures are along the top and rainfall chances along the bottom.

With 90s Friday, 80s Saturday, and 90s Sunday we maintain about a one in three chance of seeing a storm each day impact the city. Let's broaden that chance of storms with a look at today's thunderstorm chances across the state.

The best chance of getting a storm is the Western Slope along and north of I-70. Now, the highest likelihood of a storm becoming severe is not in that same area - instead, the northeastern corner of the state has that likelihood.

Where does that leave the metro areas? Well, we do have an isolated chance of a severe storm. I have the hail covers ready, and better fold up the patio umbrella too.

Beyond today, as mentioned, the storm chance continues but the overall severity of storms may be decreased until Sunday afternoon - we can address that in a Sunday post if needed.

As you make plans, here's a few timesteps showing storm placement to help.

We hope you enjoy the weekend, we'll let you know in the coming days if there's something else to watch for or if there are changes to thunderstorm's severity.