Colorado weather: A look at temperatures and storm chances as we head into the holiday weekend

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All in all a pretty darn good looking July 4th forecast for folks living along the Front Range, and really most of Colorado. Some isolated storms to deal with, but activity doesn't look all too widespread, gusty wind at times, and temperatures will cool into the low 80s for Thursday and Friday as well.

Here's the hourly planner for the Denver metro area, taking you through early Saturday morning:

For folks east of Denver and in and around Colorado Springs, today could feature a bit more in the way of active weather, but even across the plains the holiday on Thursday looks quieter.

The greatest severe threat is focused across the far eastern counties of Colorado this afternoon, though as we all know, any storm that manages to develop should be monitored!

July 4th Eve
We know some cities (Denver) celebrate with fireworks tonight, and again, it looks like the weather should cooperate. The latest HRRR for this evening shows a few big cells out east, but mostly quiet along the urban corridor if you're headed downtown:

July 4th forecast
There's about a 20% chance of storms along the northern Front Range tomorrow, with perhaps a slightly higher (~30%) chance for storms in and around Colorado Springs. Not a crazy looking storm day, but I remember distinctly sitting through hail and lightning a few years ago during fireworks on a 10% storm chance day... so never say never!

The NAM and HRRR below both show very minimal shower activity Thursday evening as most fireworks displays are scheduled.

As for temperatures? At 81-degrees it should be a pretty nice 4th around here! Look for highs to bob up and down over the next several days, with low 80s to low 90s in the forecast through early next week. Nothing crazy hot in the outlook through the weekend, and we'll take it!

Happy 4th everyone, and please stay safe!