Denver Weather: Heatwave expected through the weekend, multiple records possible

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Hot and mostly dry weather will arrive by and will stick around through the weekend. For Denver, three daily record temperatures may fall with 100°s expected three straight days.

Here are the forecast highs for points around the region.

Now, take that image and see how far from record high temperatures those forecast highs are and we have:

Cheyenne, Denver, Colorado Springs, Scottsbluff, and Grand Junction all have several chances to best the existing record high temperatures. For Denver, Sunday currently holds the most likely chance with a forecast high 3° warmer than the existing record temperature.

Keep in mind that Denver's hottest temperature on record is 105°, which the city has hit five times since records began in the 1800s. We will be pretty close to that mark this weekend.

How normal is it for the city to hit 100°? On average, we will hit the century mark a couple times a year; we've already done it once this year (June 25th hit 100°). Should the forecast pan out, add three more days to that and we will be ranked quite high, tied for 7th, on the all-time list for number of 100° days in a year. Here is that current list:

This is part of a hot summer across the country thus far. Recently the West has set a number of records, and then the heat has been building recently across the East, too. During the next week, here are the expected potential-record locations based on the current forecast. The current forecast for Death Valley, CA for the next few days is highs in the upper 120°s; this is where the world's hottest temperature (reliably measured) has ever been recorded - on July 10th, 1913 the thermometer hit 134°. Because some have disputed that reading, you may see 130° from July 2021 as the hottest.

Regardless of records, it is a hot stretch brewing. Today's alerts cover a lot of heat for the West.

You may see similar alerts for heat arrive in your push alerts for Colorado and the metro areas later this week, too. Any chance for storms to cool us off?...I'm not holding my breath on that.

Pool anyone?