Less vanity, more weather

I started this blog almost five years ago to the day. From its humble beginnings on Blogger (target audience friends and family) to where it is today has been a wonderful journey. It has been a true joy to share my biggest passion in the world with you.

Last year I asked Josh Larson to collaborate with me in forecasting winter storms along Colorado's Front Range. We had been forecasting weather across northeast Colorado for years, so joining forces made sense and came very naturally. Josh brings to the table a great understanding of climate variabilities (through his work at NOAA's Climate Prediction Center), experience in the weather blogging world with his work at the Capital Weather Gang, and of course an excitable passion for the weather that cannot be taught.

We then asked meteorologist Matt Makens and extreme weather photog Greg Moore to join the team, and later meteorologist Chris Tomer. Their addition was hugely valuable, both from a personal growth perspective, but also in bringing what I hope is a more cohesive forecast to the table with each blog entry. Our collaborative forecasting discussions, late nights debating the latest model trends (a few short weeks until the 00z comes in an hour earlier!), to the ins and outs of all the latest data in consideration, made evident that the decision to grow the team at Brendan's Weather was in fact the correct one.

As part of our efforts to continue to bring the best quality forecasts, analysis, and timely updates, more changes are in the works. In the coming days, Brendan's Weather will take on a new name: Weather5280.

There are numerous other improvements that will be a part of this change as well. Better url structures for posts, easier sharing and cleaner social engagement, and some improvements on the back end for stability and speed. I am continually working to improve the experience on the blog, add new content and resources, and hope these changes will only help in that affair.

As we gear up for the winter season, look for us to build on what we started last year. Each storm will again be a joint effort by the team at Weather5280, somewhere in the background at the very least. Back by popular demand, expect the Bust Index to make it's first appears before the first snow flies! Average first snowfall for Denver? October 19th.

Our in depth updates and analysis will not change. I will continue to write entries under "@brendansweather", while posts from other contributors will be referenced by their Twitter handle. Collaborative posts will more than likely be posted under @weather5280 (follow now!).

Thanks for all the support and interest over the years. I look forward to the changes to come, and hope that you do so as well. Please share your thoughts in the comments below, any questions, concerns, or suggestions you may have.

Please note: there will be some down time when the switch is made from www.brendansweather.com to www.weather5280.com. I will give ample warning via Twitter and Facebook, but please do expect this at some point in the next few days!

See you on the other side!