First Call Snowfall Forecast

If you've missed any of our prior updates before now, please review them before taking a look at the map below. We've also been updating our Live Blog all night with the latest model data.

Here is our initial snowfall forecast for northeast Colorado, which takes us from Friday afternoon through Sunday night.

A few things to keep in mind with this forecast:

  • These are broad-brushed numbers; we'll continue to refine Friday.
  • Note the high Bust Index as many of our concerns are still very much relevant. We still think there's a chance these numbers come down before the snow starts to fly... Stay tuned!
  • We remain concerned with the 'bust' potential with this system.

Weather5280 Snowfall Forecast

Look for additional in-depth updates on Friday!


This is a collaborative post from multiple authors at Weather5280.

Denver, Colorado
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