Denver's Snowless Fall Closes in on Record Delay

As of Tuesday, Denver remains snowless on the season, which is only the 13th time the city has not recorded snowfall in August, September, and October since 1882.

Although there are a few storm systems to move through the next seven days, there doesn't appear to be much of a sign of snow for the city.

In the previous ten years, the city has waited for a measurable snowfall into November on four other occasions.

  • 2015: November 5th
  • 2014: November 11th
  • 2013: October 18th
  • 2012: October 5th
  • 2011: October 25th
  • 2010: November 15th
  • 2009: October 21st
  • 2008: November 14th
  • 2007: October 22nd
  • 2006: October 18th

The late start to a snow season does not necessarily imply the season will be dry. Last year, there was no snowfall measured until Nov. 5 and yet the season ended with 73 inches of snowfall, 16 inches above average.

That said, the odds are certainly tipped toward the side of less-than-average snowfall. Of those 12 snow seasons with no snow until November, 10 ended with less than average snowfall. Denver's average is 57 inches.

Based on history, the city has never recorded a year when there was no snow until December. The latest first snow in Denver is Nov. 21, set in 1934. Our average first snowfall date is October 18th.

Of the foreseeable storm systems – one overnight, another Friday night and a third early next week – there is a very low chance of snow for Denver with each.