A Brief Break From Cool Stormy Days

After a couple of stormy days, a bit of a drier pattern returns. No, not dry but drier.

Here's a quick update on what's ahead:

Following Tuesday's thunderstorms, the parent storm system moves far enough east to bring Colorado a couple of relatively drier days. However, it only lasts two days before the weather's stormy return by the weekend.

This animation is the NAM model through midnight Saturday.
www.tropicaltidbits.com Note, the line of rain and snow that forms later Friday is the cold front that brings the weekend change.

As far as severe weather chances, it is likely to be a low impact event in that regard. However, a front with plenty of humidity can't be ignored this time of the year. With that said, we'll let you know how the severe weather chances are as we get closer to the weekend.

Until then, plan on warmer temperatures for Wednesday and Thursday before the weekend dip. Here's a general reference on daily highs and lows:
Yes, 60s possible by Saturday, but you may also see the potential for 90s next week.

This would be the first 90° day(s) of the year. June 10th is the average first 90° day, so it is a bit late this year. (latest ever was July 21st of 1967)

For Fort Collins to Colorado Springs, the trend is the same. Drier days, by comparison, for Wednesday and Thursday before a stormier return.

Next week, likely to be the warmest days of the year so far for the entire state.

June, to date, has been quite cool and wet. Here's a look at the month to date across Colorado in terms of temperatures (top) and precipitation (bottom).


This is a collaborative post from multiple authors at Weather5280.

Denver, Colorado
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