Denver Sets Two New Record Lows, Two-Day Drop is Second Greatest On Record

The temperature before midnight last night dropped to 13°F at Denver International Airport, setting a new record low for the date for Denver. The previous record low was 17°F set back in 2009.

This morning, DIA dropped to 9°F (single digits?!) smashing the old record low for October 11th of 22°F set back in 1946.

So far this month we have set two new record lows. Denver has set five record lows in 2019, vs six record highs.

Here's a look at our turbulent start to October, compared to our previous record lows broken yesterday and today and compared to the daily averages:

The cold drop int temperature also put this cold front into second place for the greatest two-day temperature drop on record. From a high of 83°F on Wednesday to a low of 13°F at 11:59 pm Thursday we saw the temperature fall 70°F. That's beat only by a 76°F degree drop we saw back in December of 2008:

If we compare that to all temperature swings, which include going from cold to warm, we see this ends up at #4 on the list as in 1996 the temperature climbed from -16°F to 56°F in a two day span, and in 1989 the temperature climbed from -18°F to 53°F over the same time. Thank you to the National Weather Service in Boulder for putting that list together!

Temperatures remain chilly today and will drop back below freezing tonight. For the weekend, a warming trend, with highs back in the 60s for Saturday and Sunday(some neighborhoods may hit the 70s), with overnight lows in the low to mid-30s:

Brendan Heberton

Brendan is founder of Weather5280. He is co-founder of FreshyMap, and develops software for geospatial data analysis and visualization.

Denver, Colorado
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