Thursday update on snow event

We are watching additional snow bands for the rest of Thursday into midday Friday that will bring some areas an impact for drivers.

Overall, our thinking hasn't changed from our previous forecasts.

Here's an animation for the next several hours according to the HRRR model:

Per snowfall totals from midday Thursday through Friday morning there are two camps, the low end shown:

And, the higher-end totals:

For the Northern Front Range, including Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, Greeley, etc. there is little difference between the two, a trace to two-inch forecast.

For the Southern Front Range, including Colorado Springs, Pueblo, and Trinidad, etc. there is a more significant spread between extremes. The difference being several inches versus very little.

Consulting our Gambler Charts for those areas: there is support for those higher totals and makes sense meteorologically as energy from the cutoff low swings through these areas overnight into Friday morning.

There is energy in the system to swing through Southern Colorado.
College of DuPage

That energy should very well produce higher totals for Trinidad and the Raton Mesa, and that area makes sense to receive the higher totals in the range of extremes. However, Colorado Springs and Pueblo have a surface flow that is drier and not producing much upslope, and those areas are less likely to reach their higher extremes, and the lesser totals are most probable.

The progression of the low will be watched this evening and overnight for any changes. Still, other than waiting for potential higher totals in Southern Colorado, we aren't changing the tone of the forecast from what we've previously stated.