Denver's first 100-degree day of 2020

Tuesday hit 100 for the first time this year, and a new record for the date also.

We did a perspective piece on 100 degree heat back in July, here's a link to that for many Colorado locations and Denver's history.

The previous record was 98 degrees last set in 2013.

This makes the 58th 90+ day this year for Denver, which is way over the average. The DIA average per year since 1996 is 45 days at 90+ per year. This is the 2nd most to date, trailing 2012 by one day.

Given the outlook it is safe to say the tally will keep running.

Denver's forecast

The long-term forecast doesn't deviate from the heat much either. The next week and month are projected to remain warmer than average.

The week's outlook
Monthly outlook