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Weather5280's 2015-2016 Snow Season Forecast Review
Well, we've made it. May is finally here, and (even with our recent chilly weather) our snowfall chances decrease markedly with each passing day as we head deeper into the month and on into June. On average, Denver sees 1.7" of snow in May, which makes the month the city's second least-snowiest month of the snowy season behind September (1.0" average). While we still see a few models producing snowfall at higher elevations on Denver's south and west ends at times, the threat for any significant
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Weather5280's 2014-2015 Snow Season Forecast Review
We're just about there folks, the warm season is at the doorstep. May is Denver's 8th snowiest month and while it can produce big snowfall for Denver, we're hoping the Mother's Day storm just about puts a wrap to the season for lower elevations. Denver's snow season runs from September through May, with a long-term average of 57.5" of snow seaso
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Winter Comes to a Close
Although the calendar says spring starts today, in the meteorological community spring started March 1st. We consider December, January, and February as the winter months. The biggest headlines from winter 2013/2014 will certainly be the cold outbreaks that hit the eastern US, and the west coast drought -- namely California . The lower 48 just finished its 34th coldest winter and 9th driest si