Steamboat Resort
China Breaks Into Ski Business, Steamboat Ski Patrol Adds Expertise
I don't typically show content from press releases, but this one caught my eye as a "really?" – I had never really heard of China's ski industry and yet they are hosting the Olympics. The Olympics will be held there in six years. To me, isn't a little late for China to be now wanting to figure out safety, ski procedures, etc.? I'd think that should have been an on-going process before the Olympic selection committee decided to go with them. Although, the Olympic committee seems to favor areas t
Steamboat Weather Summit
Notes from the Steamboat Weather Summit 2016
Out of dozens of conferences a year I prefer one, the Steamboat Weather Summit. The venue is perfect, obviously. The number and content of speakers are appropriate and broadly based. The members are a perfect blend of mets across the country from various tv stations/networks. The entire group is given a chance to learn, play, and bond. Perhaps the week of the year I look forward to the most. Unlike the big conferences where discussion and questions wait till the end, this is a week of dialog. T