6 Tools to Visualize the Northeast Blizzard That Didn't Exist Last Time Around
It's been nearly five years since 20.9" of snow fell in New York City, landing it at #4 on the top snowfalls on record for the city. Over these five years a lot has changed in how we ingest weather forecasts and information, how this information is disseminated, and of course in how social media carries the weighty load of all things good and bad when a storm comes a-callin'. Weath
Living in a Tornado Alley
Last week I published a piece about tornadoes on the United States Tornadoes blog , and it was also a featured article in The Atlantic . With severe weather season right around the corner for Colorado, I thought I would share it here as well. Colorado is home to some of the highest tor
Tornado Days
The Worst Tornado Outbreaks in U.S. History The eight worst tornado outbreaks in the United States have accounted for nearly $40 billion dollars in damage, are responsible for 17,525 injuries, and tragically over 1,500 fatalities. I wanted to share today a project I have been working on that tells the story of these incredible severe weather outbreaks. Tornado Days , built with the D3.js Javascript library, is an experimental way of expl