Weather Models
Friday Night Models Coming In; Crunching Some Numbers
You've probably seen numerous graphics depicting how much snow we may see or may not see with this system over the course of the last week. Social media certainly has the market cornered in that regard lately. However, we at Weather5280 usually do not like to put out totals too early due to the delicate nature of our storms and the various things that impact their output. A LOT CAN CHANGE IN A VERY SHORT PERIOD OF TIME. But, we recognize that many folks want more than just the word "significant
ECMWF To Get Significant Upgrade
The ECM to get even better with improvements being implemented now. Followers of Weather5280 know of our frequent ECMWF mentions. This is the European powerhouse model that as been the world's most accurate global forecast system for years. Verification has been written many times. The majority prove the ECM is the most accurate global model in short-term forecasts and long term trends. This is of course of greatest use to the "everyday forecaster", like us. Through 2012 ECM ranked most accurat