The western United States, including parts of Colorado, to see incredible snowfall totals Thanksgiving week

On the heels of one storm comes a persistent snowy pattern for the western U.S. that will drop more than three feet of snow on many mountain ranges, including here in Colorado. The WPC forecast »

Heavy Rain and Snow in Forecast for West Coast as Ridge Eases

As we've discussed for some time now, the western ridge will finally begin to break down this weekend and allow for a much stormier weather pattern »

Western Snowpack Update January, 2016

As we near the end of January it seems prudent to take stock of how we're doing with snowpack in the west this super El Niño year. The answer is, much better than last year, but »

East Coast is Warm, Everyone's Freaking Out

Welcome EC, to winters in the west of late The last month has been what many would call a "torch" in the east, leaving those who »

Western U.S. Benefits From Recent Rain; Snowpack Update

It's been a grim start to 2015 in the western US when it comes to snow, but recent rainfall has been beneficial The best rains have »