Denver hits 100+ with more heat ahead

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Denver hit the 100s for the first time this year, and set a daily record high Tuesday.

By 2:30 pm NWS Boulder confirmed the heat in this tweet.

The City of Denver prepared based on the hot forecast:

This is the first triple-digit temperature since September 5th, 2020.

The Colorado Climate Center keeps tabs on the new records set so far.

Here are observed high-temperatures across the area as

of 2:30 pm.

This is part of the intense heat across the Western US we talked about in yesterday's post that is on track to break 100s of record max temperatures.

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The outlook for the region for the next few days remains hotter than average with more record temperatures to fall.

The image above is the high temperature forecast. The image below is how far from records those locations will be. Anything with a '+' indicates new record highs.

Rain chances will increase some over the days to come, and that will keep temperatures a bit cooler but still warm for the time of year.

Stay safe in this heat.