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Denver weather: Afternoon and evening storms, plan accordingly

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There's another dose of storminess to move through later Monday, which will include potential impact on your school pickup times, commute, or evening sports practices.

Here's a look at the overall chances for storms across the state today:

The focus is on the Front Range Mountains and along the I-25 corridor. Here's a timeline to help guesstimate the impact at your spot.

The difference between these storms and those yesterday is the speed. These, in theory, have a bit faster pace to them and since temperatures are cooler today these will also be a bit weaker.

Here are the odds of receiving just a half inch; I'd show you one-inch probabilities but those are too low to show. So, IF you get a storm, you are probably looking at less than 1/2" of total.

Sunday's storms had a bit more bite, we had some healthy 1-1.75" totals around the area. From Sunday:

As these rain chances dry up the next few days, temperatures will rebound to the 90s by Wednesday. Here's a look at the next three days.

In case you missed it:
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