When will Denver see its first snow of the season? Today is the last day to enter YOUR guess and have a chance to win this year's contest!

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Today is the last day to enter your guess for when Denver will see its first measurable snow of the season. This is the 11th year we've done the contest, with the winners this year set to pick up our special 15 year anniversary shirt as the prize!

You can enter the contest here, you have until midnight tonight!

Weather5280 First Snowfall Prediction Contest 2023
Predict the first measurable snowfall at Denver International Airport and win!

The winners will receive a anniversary Weather5280 shirt with highlights of weather stats across the region over the last 15 years:

As you know, some parts of the region will see their first flakes of the season later this week. The odds of that including Denver, and in particular enough flakes to meet the "measurable" threshold for the contest looks quite low. Still, not a zero chance! You can see our update on the upcoming system below, and we'll have another update on this incoming system soon.

Snow is on the way to Colorado this week: When, where, and how much?
As we covered for Weather5280 Insiders last week [https://www.weather5280.com/2023/10/06/weather5280-insider-will-system-next-week-deliver-seasons-first-snow-to-the-front-range-of-colorado] , changes are on the way for parts of the state for the middle and latter half of this week, which will includ…

If you haven't already, please get your guess in before tonight! It's just for fun, so no pressure and lots of bragging rights! 😀