Denver Weather: Stormy for city, severe weather risks cover Colorado

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The number of storms that likely impact the state today will increase markedly and many of us have a risk of damage from severe storms. Thankfully, Wednesday's activity didn't produce much by way of severity and we can hope the same for today but I'm prepared with my hail cover just the same.

Here's an overall outlook for the chances of a thunderstorm, followed by the areas of greatest concern for damaging storms.

In terms of flooding, that risk is likely highest for the mountains. In terms of hail, wind, and tornadoes, that risk is highest on the Plains, and specifically the northeastern corner of the state.

Here are some snapshots of times with approximate locations of storms today.

The chance of thunderstorms does continue into the early morning, so don't be shocked if the sound of thunder wakes you.

From here, let's see the planner for the next three days. The rain chances are holding on into the weekend.

And, as far as temperatures those are staying a touch cooler for us relative to earlier this week when Denver hit 100° for the first time since 2022.

Again, let us know your storm reports in the comments below. Be well.