Snowfall Totals
Incredible banded snowfall event comes to an end, map of latest snowfall totals
What an event! We've been discussing internally that we really can't recall a setup like this producing the widespread heavy snow that we've seen over the last 24 hours. While snow events along a northwest flow such as this very often produce boom snowfall (I wrote a horrible ode to this a few years back ), it's usually over a much narrower geography, and to see so much of Denver/Monument/Colorado Springs get buried is als
Storm recap
Great Moisture and for Many Some Great Snowfall Totals as Storm Exits
Our system has moved into the midwest and will deliver heavy snow from eastern Kansas into the Mid-Atlantic states this weekend. Behind it chilly temperatures and flurries persist, but the impactful snow and rain should be done. The 3km NAM shows pockets of light accumulation across the area through Sunday evening, but most snow showers should be light with little to no accumulation, or nonexistent. A spotty 1/2" to 1" in spots should not be ruled out, with highs near 40F today and Sunday in De
Storm recap
Heavy Snow Shuts Down City to Begin April
It's been a long time since we've seen this much snow across the region. If you had told me going into last night that this storm was going to over perform, I wouldn't have believed you . Nevertheless, it did. And it did so in true Colorado fashion. I've been digging neighbors' cars out for the last several hours as the heavy spring snow weighed down power lines and created a slush so thick most couldn't make it out of area side r
Snowfall Totals
February 2nd Snowfall Totals for Northeast Colorado and Winter Storm Recap
Needless to say, we're very happy with how the forecast turned out after what was a long week of piecing together what would eventually become a strong winter storm for Colorado, delivering anywhere from 5 - 16" of snow to northeast and east-central Colorado, with upwards of 20" recorded in some foothill communities. Our forecast for Denver, Colorado called for 7 - 14"+ of snow. As of 11:00am this morning Denver International Airport, where official records are kept [/blog/2015/03/26/why-denver
Snowfall Totals
Storm Recap: The Good, the Bad, the Blizzard of Our Forecast
Hopefully you've come to expect storm recaps from us, and an honest review of how well, or how poorly our forecast worked out. Given the tremendous challenges that this system presented we feel good about our forecast overall (great in spots!), but, like so many others, we are feeling underwhelmed by snowfall totals in downtown Denver this morning. On Sunday we said: "Add to that some very sharp gradients in heavy snowfall over just a few short miles, and someone is likely to feel left out" and
Snowfall Totals
The State of the Atmosphere: Sunday, April 19, 2015
Spring storm recap As the big upper level low responsible for our big spring storm finally pushes east, it's time to look back at some of the numbers. The Weather5280 station in downtown Denver recorded an impressive 2.38" of precipitation with this storm, and a slushy 1.9" of snow. Meanwhile, Denver International Airport (where official records are kept ) recorded 1.22" on April 16th, setting a record for the date, and 1.
Denver Forecast
Weekend Outlook & Mid-Summer-Autumn Recap
Wednesday was one of those days in Colorado that nearly all conversations started with “it feels like Seattle, not Denver out there”. Topping out at 62 degrees F, Denver International Airport (DIA) set a new record-low high temperature, beating the previous record of 64 degrees F from 2009. That’s a whopping 28 degrees below average for the date, and a far cry from Seattle’s actual highs Wednesday in the upper 80s. We were also the coolest major city in the entire country. The soggiest days of