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Making changes to our Weather5280 Insider subscription service

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Summer, generally speaking, is the "quiet time" around here at Weather5280. Readers of this site have long had a snow-loving bias, for which we can't fault you. This summer of course this has been less true – it's been a remarkably active summer, and wet one at that, but tornadoes aside we know many folks eagerly await the return of Old Man Winter. There are some important updates below!

Big milestones on the horizon
Summer gives us a chance to take stock in our efforts here at Weather5280 and regroup a bit before another active winter season across the region. This summer offers a unique twist to this summer ritual, as this year we inch closer to the 10 year anniversary (!) of publishing weather updates as Weather5280, and 15 year anniversary (!!) of this project's concept on the whole.

It's mind boggling really. Where has the time gone? We've written about every winter storm since 2008 along the Front Range, and have enjoyed all of the ups and downs that come along with forecasting in this part of the world with all of you by our side. I cannot express enough how important your readership is to the ongoing effort here at Weather5280, and the joy it brings us to share our weather obsession with so many others that can't ever (ever!) get enough just like us.

To celebrate we've made some (we think) fun shirts to highlight some of the highs, lows, and weather records over that time. We'll be giving some away in September, but if you're interested in buying one for yourself, get in touch! support[at]

Weather5280 Insiders
A number of years ago we introduced Weather5280 Insider and Weather5280 Insider Pro. This was in response to a growing audience and growing commitment we made to providing timely forecasts and long-range outlooks for not just the Denver area but the region on the whole. We had readers reaching out how they could help support the effort, and we had a growing need to support our time (and server costs) in order to keep Weather5280 going year-over-year. It was a natural progression in the evolution of this site and has helped sustain us since.

The offering and structure of our Insider subscriptions have changed little since we introduced them. We thank all the Insiders who have helped keep this effort going in the years since its introduction, and know that your monthly contributions have in no small way kept us moving forward.

No more Insider Pro
As we head for the milestones ahead this fall, we are going to make some changes to our Insider subscriptions.

We will no longer be offering a two-tier subscription base, removing our Pro service level in favor of Insider only. This will allow us to consolidate efforts and offer more for both our client bases.

This means that all of our subscribers will pay the same $5/month or $55/year to support Weather5280, and any services offered to Pros only before will now be shared with all Insiders. For Pros, no changes will need to be made on your end as monthly subscribers will see the lowered price reflected on their next bill.

We want to hear from you!
Of course, as with every decision we make here at Weather5280, and all of our updates we provide, we want to hear from you in what you'd like to see more of or less of from the site as we enter year 11 (no 16!) and how we can better serve your needs to provide as much value as possible through this mission.

We will continue to offer a mix of free and paid content going forward, and would encourage anyone out there who has not made the leap to Insider to consider doing so today.

You can reach us at if you'd like to send an email, or as always comment below.