January To End Quite Snowy for Some, A Check on Mountain Snowpack
While there's still a couple more days in the month, weather statewide to end the week looks mostly of the quiet variety. We could have some wind to contend with on Thursday, but no snow or rain in the forecast for the urban corridor (or really much of the state for that matter) through Friday. Officially, Denver saw just about average snowfall for the month of January with Denver International Airport recording 6.2" of snow with a long term average for the month of 6.6". Incredibly, this marks
Thursday PM Update: Weekend Starts Mild, Ends Cold
Friday 10/12/2018 update: Weekend Snowfall Forecast Map -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It's been a great week or so for snow across the high country, with a sharp up-tick in snowpack in recent days, and more snow on the way. So good, in fact, that Wolf Creek Ski Area will open for weekends starting this week
Perspective on Colorado's Snowpack: Is There A Downward Trend?
Matt Makens is a KWGN Pinpoint Meteorologist and occasional contributor to Weather5280 from Denver's Pinpoint weather team. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It's the time of year when we look at the snowpack numbers to climb, and hopefully stay near to above average for water resources, fire danger, and the economy; so far, so good. Here is the average snowpack chart for Colorado showing a nearly normal curve until th
PM Update
Moisture-Laden Spring Storm Takes Aim, but Will It Deliver?
The last weeks have been very warm and dry along the Front Range and eastern plains. Our Feb - April outlook issued in January painted a wetter-than-normal forecast for Colorado, including the eastern plains. To date, that outlook has clearly been at odds with reality. However, we've also been saying since January we expect our time to come sometime in the March/April time period. It's important to rememb
Colorado Snowpack
State of the Snowfall Season
In many respects, the last few weeks have been epic for snowfall on some of the state's mountain ranges. Near Crested Butte, totals have climbed above 200" on the season, with several more months to go. These totals are mostly due to a weather pattern change that triggered in late November and early December. Some of this rapid snowfall and water storage was discussed in a previous State of the Atmosphere [
Seasonal Review
Weather5280's 2015-2016 Snow Season Forecast Review
Well, we've made it. May is finally here, and (even with our recent chilly weather) our snowfall chances decrease markedly with each passing day as we head deeper into the month and on into June. On average, Denver sees 1.7" of snow in May, which makes the month the city's second least-snowiest month of the snowy season behind September (1.0" average). While we still see a few models producing snowfall at higher elevations on Denver's south and west ends at times, the threat for any significant
Colorado Snowpack
A Look Back at March 2016; Mountain Snowpack Update
March featured one of Denver's biggest blizzards in years , and huge snowfall totals for the north-central mountains, but featured warmer than normal temperatures across the state, and very dry conditions across southern Colorado. Precipitation As is usually the case, the precipitation map for March was split. In this case, there was above normal precipitation across northern Colorado and below normal precipitation
Denver Forecast
Tuesday PM Update: Good Snow for Northern Mountains; Update on Late Week System
You'll recall from our last system (many weeks ago...) that the Canadian was out front in forecasting snow, and by the time the GFS caught up, the Canadian had backed off nearly completely for the metro area. The main energy associated with that system ended up too far west as it dropped south out of the northern Rockies, leaving most of Denver with little snow, but dropping a good amount on the Front Range foothills. We've seen a similar process with our system due in later this week. The Cana
El Niño
Colorado Mountains Have Driest February in 30 Years
The USDA announced Friday that Colorado's mountains experienced the driest February in 30 years. The data was measured from the Natural Resources Conservation Service Snow Telemetry (SNOTEL) network of weather stations. There are 114 such SNOTEL sites that mostly span the mountains; only a handful are at the lower elevations. At the combined San Miguel, Dolores, Animas & San Juan river basins the stations only received 35% of the average February precipitation. Statewide mountain precipitation
Colorado's Snowfall so Far and Snowpack Update
We updated you on the Western U.S. snowpack last week. We have had a big system since, so let's see how things are now following the Groundhog Day Snow, focusing on Colorado and how much snow we've had this season. Colorado currently has more than the average water content in all of its river basins. The extreme southwest has the best average of 128% of average as of 4 February. This is a better water-situat
Western Update
Western Snowpack Update January, 2016
As we near the end of January it seems prudent to take stock of how we're doing with snowpack in the west this super El Niño year . The answer is, much better than last year, but more rain and snow is needed to overcome persistent drought conditions across much of the western United States. To begin, here's a look at the latest drought monitor from the third week of January. For our Colorado friends, things continue to look good across the state. A few areas of "Abnormally Dry" s
Colorado Weather
Colorado Snowpack Update: Recent Big Snows Mean Some Recovery
We last updated you on Colorado's snowpack nearly a month ago on February 12, and the picture we painted was a grim one for much of Colorado, especially across southwest portions of the state. But we also said, don't give up yet , as we liked where the pattern was heading. Sure enough, we've seen huge gains over the last month. Not enough to get back to
Colorado Weather
Western U.S. Benefits From Recent Rain; Snowpack Update
It's been a grim start to 2015 in the western US when it comes to snow, but recent rainfall has been beneficial The best rains have actually fallen this February. I want to start by showing you the fall and winter precipitation starting in September running through the end of January, before we get to this shifting pattern of February. Notice the fall and winter precipition anomolies across the country. Again, this is
Colorado Weather
U.S. Drought Update: Drought Intensifies for Southwest, Record Heat for California
Posted by @brendansweather and @mattmakens247wx The latest drought report came out this week and it paints a pretty grim picture for much of the west, southwest, and south central United States. The good news is relief may be on the way for some of these locations, the bad news is maybe not for California -- at least in the short term. California, suffering from a long winter of above normal temperatures and below normal precipitation is now facing extreme fire danger as we head into the summe
Why the Dreaded Dry Slot May Not be Such a Bad Thing This Time Around
All week we have been talking about the different possible tracks this weekend's storm could take. A more southern route would mean an absolute soaking for the Front Range, while a more northern route would mean more downsloping and less precipitation for western portions of eastern Colorado, or dry slotting. Update on storm track Last night we discussed that most of the models were coming into better agreement, and that the favored track appeared to be a more northern one. Several more model r
Mountain Snow
Mountains to Get Very Healthy Dose of Snow, Meanwhile a Crapshoot for the Front Range
While January has been snowy as compared to normal for Denver and the Front Range, the mountains have lacked snowfall over the past couple of weeks. The last good snow in the high country being the weekend of January 12th. Meanwhile, Denver and the Front Range had a few cold fronts to drive up the above normal tally for the month. For the season, however, snowfall is still well below normal, very similar to last year. Even sections of the mountains are in need of snow. Here is the basin in