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Matt Makens

Matt is a native of the area, raised in rural Douglas County. An Atmospheric Scientist by education, trade, and passion – he's a consultant in the ag industry specializing in weather and climate.
State of the Atmosphere
Colorado weather: Where's the snow and cold?
Fall is in the air... as my family and I camped this weekend we woke up to frost and noticed the changing aspen leaves. So, where's the cold and snow? Some of our peaks caught snow this past week and will have a few flakes again this week but by-in-large we are not seeing significant snow as we draw to a close on this September. The main driver of the weather this week will be a strong low-pressure area sitting over the Northeast Pacific Ocean. This will draw lots of moisture in over the Pacifi
Denver Weather: Fall, is that you? Cooler week ahead with rain chances
Feels like fall today, cloudy and light rain at our headquarters with football on the tv so that must mean that fall is in the air. For the week ahead, Denver and the Front Range will be considerably cooler with 60s and 70s versus the 80s and 90s, which will be 5 to 15 degrees cooler than normal from day to day this week. No, that low of 48 for Saturday isn't the first of the "season," we've had a couple temperatures that cool in the past month. The last time the city had a high temperature i
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Insiders: El Niño and the extended outlook
Earlier this year, we were still in the grip of La Niña, but from April through August, we saw a transition toward El Niño. El Niño began to develop in the spring and by summer had a more powerful grip on the atmosphere. There are multiple ways of measuring how strong the grip is, whether that be in the atmosphere, ocean or a combination of those two. The atmosphere's behavior is shown here, by one such metric called the SOI, where positive values are La Niña characteristics and negative valu
Denver Weather: Cooler week ahead with scattered storms
It's September 3rd, historically the earliest snowfall for Denver came today in 1961 with 4.2 inches but 2023 brings a mix of sun and clouds with highs into the 90s. Labor Day will also hit the 90s but a bit of a cooler stretch kicks off Tuesday...more on that in a moment. For today and tomorrow, increasing afternoon clouds offer a bit of shade and heat-relief. In the following hourly planner you'll see the rain chances beneath the temperature timeline
Denver Weather
Denver weather: Afternoon and evening storms, plan accordingly
There's another dose of storminess to move through later Monday, which will include potential impact on your school pickup times, commute, or evening sports practices. Here's a look at the overall chances for storms across the state today: The focus is on the Front Range Mountains and along the I-25 corridor. Here's a timeline to help guesstimate the impact at your spot. The difference between these storms and those yesterday is the speed. These, in theory, have a bit faster pace to them and
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State of the Atmosphere: Denver area weekly weather outlook
Temperatures take a bit of a ride as rain chances come and go this week for the Denver area. Expect the next temperature drop tomorrow, and then we warm back into the 90s by midweek. In hourly form, here are the temperatures (top chart below) and rain chances (below). Rain chances will climb early in the week before dropping. Here's an animation showing the potential arrival times of the storms near you. From the hourly planner above, we can go farther to see the next increase in rain chance
Denver Weather
Colorado weather: Big time cool down with areas of heavy rainfall in the forecast
A strong system will spread colder temperatures, more than 20-degrees colder, and heavy enough rainfall our cautionary flags are raised to the potential flooding that may be on the way. At the moment there are no alerts in place for the state, but that may change Friday as heavy rainfall takes aim on parts of the state. We do have alerts for heat for those to the east of the state, who will also cool off later this weekend. Denver's cool off will be throughout the day Friday, but rain chances
Denver Forecast
Denver weather: Record cold Monday morning, hotter days ahead
Denver started the week off setting a new record; a record low temperature was reached at DIA this morning of 49°F, which ties the previous record of 49°F from 1976. > This morning's low temperature fell to a crisp, cool, 49 degrees at Denver International Airport - tying the record low last set in 1976. This is also the first time Denver has seen a temperature below 50 degrees since mid-June! #cowx [htt
State of the Atmosphere
State of the Atmosphere: Denver and Colorado's weather for the week
Let's help get you ready for the week ahead with a weather pattern that became cooler and wetter this weekend as a weak monsoonal flow collided with a cold front. The trend this week will be drying and warming... That cold front moves through eastern Colorado Sunday with some areas of gusty winds and lower-level clouds. Here is the temperature outlook from Sunday through Tuesday. Notice that Sunday and Monday feel the impact of the cold front which clears out Tuesday when temperatures return to
Denver Weather
Weekend Weather Outlook
Thunderstorms will be floating around the next several days but I wouldn't call any single day a washout, which is great for your outdoor plans. Although we may see an isolated severe thunderstorm, that threat is low throughout the next few days. Flooding could be an issue for burn scars and watch out for lightning if you'll be outdoors. Most of the storms will be pretty high off the ground and may give us some strong wind gusts as they pass by. Let's take a closer look at today. Here are the
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Colorado Weather: Enhanced risk of damaging hail and wind
Enhanced risk of severe weather today for Colorado's Eastern Plains as Denver and the metro areas can see a significant storm, too. As I was walking the pup during lunch, the towers in the distance were rapidly growing. The top of a Cheyenne, Wyoming storm was what caught my attention first, but we had towers developing around our mountains, too. As these storms develop through the afternoon, they move east into an environment that has some ingredients to put together that can lead to large ha
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Denver Weather: Couple rounds of storms possible; severe weather pinpoints the plains
Additional thunderstorms with heavy rainfall possible again across the metro areas Wednesday, with the strongest storms carrying the largest hail over the plains. A weak impulse may generate another batch of storms overnight into Thursday morning. There is not a flood watch currently in effect for the Front Range, as there was the past two days, as the chances for storms carrying that much water decreases slightly. Still, a number of storms will be floating around. As a general setup, here's a
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Denver Weather: Flood watch issued as heavy rain to target metro area
We have a heavy rainfall event approaching parts of the Northern Front Range from areas between Colorado Springs to Cheyenne, focused on Denver to Fort Collins. Here's the flood watch guidance as issued by NWS Boulder: > * WHAT...Flash flooding caused by excessive rainfall is possible. * WHERE...Portions of east central, north central, and northeast   Colorado, including the following areas, in east central Colorado,   North and Northeast Elbert County Below 6000 Feet/North Lincoln   County.
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Colorado Weather: Summer's heat continues, throw in some thunderstorms
For metro areas, temperatures will run in the 90s. For the higher country, expect 70s to 80s. All-in-all warm weather for the weekend. Throw in some daily thunderstorms in the afternoon and evening and we have a "classic Colorado" weekend. For Friday, we can run through your storm timeline for Colorado. > Strong and gusty outflow winds up to 60 mph are possible with the stronger storms along with brief moderate to heavy rain. The strongest storms are expected to be over the northern border are
Denver Forecast
Denver weather: Run of 90s continues despite increased storm chances
It's been a toasty week across the region, not surprisingly, but as daily chances for thunderstorms increase we will see the streak of 90s continue. The 90s started last Saturday, peaked Monday and Tuesday with 98°s at DIA, and we will ride through the middle 90s into next week. I'll show you Denver instead of DIA for the forecast numbers through the week: These temperatures aren't abnormal and avoid record territory. Let's turn to storm chances per day. Those are some decent chances, and I'm
Severe Weather
Colorado weather: Stormy Thursday for Denver, Eastern Plains; Flood Watch issued
Expect more rounds of storms Thursday after this morning's early morning storms move through as energy moves across Colorado later today. For Denver and Colorado Springs, expect chances of storms with the strongest of which to be severe on the Plains. In total, we have a high likelihood for storms today, and the highest chances run through much of the state east of the Divide. Scattered showers and storms moved across the metro areas early this morning will continue to head east (I picked up j
Denver Weather
Colorado weather: Rain chance climbs, temperatures cool
Rain chances increase the next few days and cooler temperatures will come along for a ride, too. For Denver, the highest chance for storms will be Thursday but the city stands a decent chance of hearing thunder today, too. An hourly planner shows you those details through Friday. For today, lightning and wind gusts are the primary hazard around the metro areas. Meanwhile, severe storms on the eastern plains could have hail up to golf ball size and wind gusts to 60 mph along with brief heavy ra
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Denver weather: Cooling off through the end of the week with an increased chance of rain
Denver and the Plains will gradually cool down through Friday following Monday's high of 97°F, which was the hottest temperature of the year so far but did not set a record for the date. Through Monday, Denver is still within the top 20 coldest year-to-date and summer-to-date years on record. We did set some records across the state Monday. > Alamosa did indeed get hotter! Alamosa soared to 95°F at 4:04PM this afternoon🥵 This is 3°F hotter than the previous daily record high temperature fo
Denver Forecast
Denver weather: Nearing record heat Monday
A heat advisory has been issued for parts of Colorado's Front Range Monday. Denver will threaten the record high for this date, which is 102°, but even a hint of a cloud or two may keep temperatures colder than the record. Colorado Springs may also set a record today. What's a heat advisory? Well, heat has reached a level that may be dangerous to many of us. > Per NWS for Monday: Drink plenty of fluids, stay in an air-conditioned room, stay out of the sun, and check up on relatives and neighbo
Denver Weather
Colorado weather: Record heat moves in from the South and West
Record temperatures for parts of Colorado will move in the next few days; of them, Grand Junction will be the hottest with the daily record of 104°F in jeopardy on Monday. Here are the daily highs for a few locations within the region. For Denver, we are within a degree of record highs as currently forecast for Monday (record 102°F) and Tuesday (record 99°F), so needless to say both days have the potential to tie or break the record high for the date. This is part of the extreme heat that ha
El Niño
Winter 2023-24 outlook: What have the strongest El Niños delivered?
Obviously, it's way too early to create a specific winter forecast, but as we sit in the heat, there is value in looking at where this current Niño sits, its forecast, and how that forecast can be compared to past years. Let's have that discussion - video: For additional reading about El Niño and Colorado: A Closer look at What El Niño Means for Rain and Snow in ColoradoThere has been a great deal of interest in El Niño recently, following multiple authoritative statements that it is on track
Drought: You won't see this often, Colorado is completely drought free
The latest drought monitor for Colorado was completely blank, not even abnormally dry areas across the map. This is only one of four states that can brag about being drought free. Now, this obviously isn't the first time that Colorado has been drought free but it does not happen often. In the past 23 years, it has only happened one other time - during the El Niño of 2019. You'll probably ask, "How long will it last?" Consider the southwestern part of the state is drying out, this situation won
Denver Weather
Colorado weather: Tornado risk increases Thursday, unusually high risk for Denver area
Tornado risks increase substantially across Eastern Colorado for thunderstorms expected later Thursday. In addition, very large hail will be possible. The risk of severe weather has increased in parts of the Denver metro area - higher risks than previous days. Today's risks shouldn't be taken lightly. It is rare for parts of Denver to be in a 5% tornado risk, which the east and south sides are today. > Potential significant weather day across the plains today, with severe storms capable of pr
Colorado Weather
Colorado weather: Threat of tornadoes continues, hail chance increases for Wednesday
The chance for thunderstorms continues, along with a similar risk of tornadoes, but the hail threat does increase for today's storms. These threats are shifting south in the latest guidance, and may need to be adjusted farther south than what we have this morning - today's temperatures are very cool for Northern Colorado; the warmer environment well to the south of Denver will have the higher chances for severe storms. Let's take a look at where these elements are most likely, starting with t
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Denver Weather: Tornado risk today covers city and Front Range
There's a risk of damaging thunderstorms today, July 4th, including the highest risk of tornadoes in the country will be along the Front Range and Plains, including Denver, Fort Collins, and Cheyenne. The threat for storms continues throughout the day in several 'waves' of storms that may try to move through. The above image is the environment where tornadoes are most likely to form, but other areas carry a lower threat, not a zero threat. Look at the overall threat of damaging thunderstorms,
Denver Weather
Colorado Weather: Hail and tornadoes possible July 4th
Although Monday is to be relatively quiet, July 4th and Wednesday will bring risks of hail and tornadoes to parts of eastern Colorado, and may include the Denver and Colorado Springs metro areas. Here are the outlook threat levels for Tuesday: And, Wednesday: Again, thunderstorms become much more likely the next two days, including hail, tornado, damaging wind, and isolated flooding threats. For threats across the country: Back here at home, here's an hourly timeline to help give you some gu
Denver Weather
Denver sets precipitation records in June; storms in the forecast today and for July 4th
Denver and the Front Range will have storms Sunday and again Tuesday, the 4th, following a very active June for the city. More on the forecast in a quick moment, but first – Denver had a remarkably wet month of June. 2023 will go down as the wettest June on record and the 6th wettest of any month on record. Denver's records began in 1872. Top June totals: 1. 2023 6.10” 2. 1882 4.96” 3. 2009 4.86” 4. 1967 4.69” 5. 1965 4.14” Top Monthly totals: 1. May 1876 8.57" 2. April 1900 8.24" 3. May 195
Denver Weather
Denver weather: Active thunderstorm days ahead, Canadian wildfires
Wednesday is relatively quiet as compared to the next two days when we will see an increase in thunderstorms and some could be severe. If you've been needed a rain to help the landscape, you may have just that. Considering the wet spring, there are a lot of wildfire fuels that are drying out leading to the fire danger across western Colorado. The Spring Creek Fire is burning northeast of Grand Junction. Here's a satellite perspective on the smoke as that fire grew (estimates of 3,000 acres as
denver weather
Denver weather: Wind and potentially the first 90° day
Denver has yet to hit the 90°s this year, but will give it a run again today. If the city should hit 90°, it'll be the latest first such day since 1982. Let's give the hourly planner a look-see, yep it touches 90... Although the storm chance is lower today, there's a higher likelihood for storms over the northeastern plains, and for the city the chances do increase in the next few days. Just for today, here is the probability of thunderstorms across the state. Although seemingly a quiet weat
Denver Weather
Colorado weather: Drying out, watching fire danger, next round of thunderstorms
Denver and the Front Range have had a few drier days, and warm ones too. Meanwhile, dryness has continued in the mountains and west, which is where we will see fire dangers spread.  The next best chance of rain arrives Thursday. Let's begin with daily rain chances for the next several days in Denver (you can find these probabilities for all of Colorado here ): You'll see the bump in chances Thursday and beyond, but these remain w