Wednesday PM Update: Rain on the Way to End the Week

Since June of last year the moisture train hasn't been all that steady for us, so we need the rain that's on the way this week. »

Least Snowy March on Record for Denver; Season Least Snowiest to Date as Well

Weather5280 was started with the hopes and dreams of communicating epic snows and working exhaustively on continuous snowfall projections. That's still the dream. Like the Seven »

The State of the Atmosphere: Sunday, April 2, 2017

A beautiful Sunday to enjoy some sunshine and warmer temperatures. I hope you did so, particularly if you aren't a fan of wetter weather which is »

Friday Evening Update: Snow Chance Remains, Totals Likely Underwhelming for Some

If you are like us, you'll probably stay awake tonight and constantly look out your window at what is, or is not, falling. Then check the »

Monday PM Update: Tuesday and Wednesday Look Soggy for Many

The advertised wetter weather pattern is certainly here as we track another strong storm system to impact our region Tuesday and Wednesday (mostly). There are some »