Snowfall Totals
March 2021 will end as Denver's second snowiest on record, with 34.0" of snow recorded at DIA
UPDATE: A previous version of this article stated Denver would end the month with 33.6" of snow. An isolated snow shower Tuesday night added another 0.4" of snow to the monthly tally, bringing the March 2021 total to 34.0" – second most on record. Here's a look at the popup shower (it even packed some lightning!) that moved over DIA around 10pm last night. Mother Nature's last attempt at setting a new snowfall record for the month, but we'll fall just short. ---------------------------------
Weekend storm erased four to six months of precipitation deficit for Denver and Northern Colorado
The March 2003 snow came during a high drought and we saw drought numbers drop significantly after that event. The most recent storm delivered a lot of water to beat down the drought; about four to six months worth of deficit, it appears, was recovered. Blizzard of March 2021 will stand as 4th biggest snowfall on record for Denver, final update and snowfall totalsOne final update today on what will hit the record books as Denver’s fourth biggest snowfall. Denver International Airport ended up w
Snowfall Totals
Blizzard of March 2021 will stand as 4th biggest snowfall on record for Denver, final update and snowfall totals
One final update today on what will hit the record books as Denver's fourth biggest snowfall. Denver International Airport ended up with 27.1" of snow when it finally called it quits last night, making it not only the fourth biggest snowfall on record for the city, but also our one "boom" snow of the event that we can find! (DIA was in our 12 - 24" forecast range). Here's an updated list of totals this morning from across our forecast area. Did we miss any? A few of these are from a bit earlie
Snowfall Totals
Upslope delivers some "boom" snowfall totals on the west side, milder Friday ahead of next system
Some great rules of thumb this week has highlighted: models nearly always overdo QPF with arctic outbreaks, and never underestimate the power of upslope! Last night was pretty much textbook upslope for a several hours, the result of which was a great snow event for some foothill and some immediately adjacent communities. Totals from 6 - 10" were common across the Boulder area, the western Palmer Divide picked up 6 - 12", with even some areas of western and northern Colorado Springs doing quite
Denver Forecast
Monday morning update: Morning snow misses Denver, another chance Monday evening through Tuesday
As we anticipated in yesterday's State of the Atmosphere , this morning's round of snow largely missed the greater metro area, but delivered a slick commute to those south and southeast of the city. A look at the radar from just before 7am this morning shows the snow pulling away from the I-25 corridor. It continues to pull east this morning, and diminish in intensity. Great to see some folks getting
Denver Snow
Tuesday and Wednesday turn much cooler, windier, and a bit snowier for a few
A weather system is on the way for the next couple of days. The first impact will be the wind, followed by cooler temperatures and some areas of snow. As the system arrives Tuesday, wind will ramp up over the plains throughout the day and will continue into Wednesday. Likely, the strongest wind will be over the Palmer Divide and Cheyenne Ridge. Here we have wind gusts Tuesday night at 11 pm. This wind will blow in cooler temperatures, so that Tuesday will drop by 15 to 20 degrees from Monday,
Denver Snow
Three things to know about our incoming storm
We've posted extensively about the storm set to hit Monday and last through Wednesday, the three main takeaways continue: Cold, snow, and wind. Cold Temperatures will plummet, and may rival the biggest September temperature drops on record. Record cold is likely for Tuesday and Wednesday across the area. The chart below shows how much colder than the current record low for Monday night and Tuesday night temperatures are expected to be: If you haven't planned to cover gardens, bring in potted
It's been a long time since Denver's seen measurable snow in September
Snowfall in Denver has not been measured in any September since 2000, that's quite a snow drought for the month, which actually averages 1.0" of snow since record keeping began. However, it appears that some of us will be able to measure snowfall this Tuesday , whether or not the city "officially" measures any remains to be seen
Denver Snow
Early season snow could wreak havoc on Front Range trees, deliver first measurable snowfall to Denver in September in 20 years
We continue to track a potent early season (late summer?) wintry blast which is set to arrive in Northern Colorado Monday night, and bring with it record-breaking cold and the potential for the first accumulating snow event of the season to the Front Range and urban corridor. This post will focus on the snow potential and timing of this system. If you are looking for information around some of the temperature records Denver is set to break in the coming days, you can find more on that here [ht
Eighth annual First Snowfall Prediction Contest starts today!
It's back! And, this year the chance to participate will only last for a brief window of time. The First Measurable Snowfall Prediction Contest 2020 starts today, and runs through midnight Sunday. That's it! Four days to get your ducks in a row and think SNOW. Why now? Well, there's not a zero chance that it might snow next week. (We'll have more on that later today). Why else? 😀 It's been a long, hot summer.
Denver Snow
First snow of the season for the high peaks of Colorado
With some recent snowfall on our highest peaks, let's take a look at Colorado's history when it comes to the start of our snow season. No, it wasn't much but this was the scene at Loveland Ski Area Tuesday morning, exciting to see after a long hot summer! Many other areas, Aspen and Telluride included, reported a frosting of snow also. Is this early for the season? No. It's actually over a week later than 2019 but the first dusting of snow is hardly consequential. Let's look at some dates
Denver Snow
Monday & Tuesday could be interesting, snowfall impact on the way for some
It'll be interesting to see how the Monday and Tuesday system will play out for Denver and the other metro areas because it is part of a weather transition into a quieter phase for the last two weeks of February. We posted to our PRO users the monthly outlook and how the drought numbers will change during that time. The bottom line, after this next weather maker the storm flow will become less active again. Speaking of active, the star
Snow Forecast
Top 5 snowy starts to February continues with another chance of snow on Wednesday
February 2020 is the 4th snowiest to date in Denver-Stapleton's record and another snow may accumulate Wednesday across the metro areas and Front Range. Denver International Airport, where official records are kept for Denver, has recorded 10.8” of snow so far this month, which is 3.1" above the average for the entire month of February. Many locations across the metro area have seen much more snow than this to start the month. Our station, located on Denver’s west side, has recorded 22.5” so fa
Denver Snow
Impactful snow event for NoCo tries to take shape
The next snow event is unfolding in the mountains for the next several days, but some of that snow will make it over central and northern parts of Colorado Thursday to Friday (mainly Friday as it appears right now) with a higher impact near Fort Collins and Greeley versus Denver. The mountains will have significant snowfall for central and northern ranges through the weekend, over two feet possible which is great for the ski and water industries but will be rough on travelers and the backcountr
Denver Snow
Significant change arrives, update on Monday's impact of ice and snow across Northeast Colorado
No doubt your Super Bowl hangover is made a bit tougher with a significant temperature drop, ice, and snow in parts of Northern Colorado by early Monday, with a growing impact during the day. Be careful this morning; ice is already an issue! Reports of freezing drizzle, sleet, and snow received by Monday morning match the forecast we published Sunday giving
Denver Snow
Wednesday PM Update: Weekend snow event
Accumulating snow and travel impact returns to Colorado Thursday through Monday with the highest impact coming to the mountains Friday and to the lower country, including the Denver area, Sunday. A snowy system will begin to spread snow over the mountains Thursday into Friday, and sadly the wind will be quite strong also. Through Friday afternoon, the snowfall in the mountains will be climbing to more than a foot, and there will be travel difficulties due to wind up to and over 70 mph. As we
Denver's top December snowstorms on record
December is historically Denver's third snowiest month which averages 8.1 inches of snowfall. There have been some noteworthy years for snowfall this month, including the Christmas storm in the early 80s. Here we take a look at the top storms in December: #3. 20.7" December 20th to 21st, 2006 This storm was one of the biggest challenges to the city's "new" Denver International Airport and was a catalyst for changes in the airport's operations and procedures [https://www.internationalairportre
Denver Snow
Denver's biggest snow storm hit 106 years ago today
Every once in a while it snows a lot in Denver, and on rare occasions, it absolutely gets buried. Denver and areas of the Front Range to the mountains were buried in snowfall 106 years ago. Between December 1 and 5, 1913, Denver received 45.7 inches of snow. Even after more than one hundred years, it remains Denver's largest single snowfall event. The next closest was the blizzard of 2003 when 31.8" of snow was recorded at Denver International Airport, nearly 14 fewer inches than in 1913. Sour
Seventh Annual First Snowfall Prediction Contest Starts Today!
Even as we cook through what is to date Denver's hottest September on record... the first snowfall of the season is quickly approaching, with the average date for the city's first measurable snow coming in just over three weeks from today. Month to date the average temperature at Denver International Airport has been a warm 70.7°F, some 6°F above average for the period. With more warm weather in the forecast, it looks like 2019 may very well set a new record for September, beating out the previ
Denver Snow
September Snow: Perspective and Context
Matt Makens is a member of the Pinpoint Weather Team. He presents forecasts nightly on Channel 2. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "I remember it used to snow all the time in September!" Perhaps you have thought the same? Let's check that hypothesis and give some context to September's snowfall history for the Front Range. At the surface, this memory isn't all that wrong. Let's dig deeper. I'll begin by showing you the September snowfall tota
Denver Snow
Top 10 Event Clears, Freeze Warnings Tonight
A top 10 latest snowfall event is wrapping up as the storm system clears the state after leaving nearly two feet of snow on parts of the Palmer Divide. For Denver, 3.4 inches puts the late season snow on the top 10 list for biggest this late in the season. The largest late-season event was in 1950 when a two-day total on the 26th and 27th came in at over 10 inches. Compare this to the over 19 inch total from Black Forest and over 13 inch total from Monument (most in 24 hours since 2006 and 201
Snow Overnight, Heavy At Times: Monday PM Update
Snow, heavy at times, is possible overnight through Tuesday morning for the metro areas and in the mountains along with thunderstorms on the plains. We discussed the current storm system in yesterday's SOTA, so let's get into the details of the snowfall and rainfall potential now. These late season storms are tricky regarding snowFALL versus snow ACCUMULATION. We believe some areas will have quite a bit of snowfall, including a swath to cover the eastern plains from Limon to Sterling, but how
Denver Snow
Snowfall Possible Late Today Through Saturday Morning
Snowfall looks possible, if not likely, now for this evening through Saturday morning by two impulses that will swing through. The first showers may start near the metro area in just a few hours. Following Wednesday's initial snowfall discussion we posted for you, we have these specifics to add: Here is a short animation based on a rapid update model called the HRRR which shouldn't be taken literally but just used
Storm Clears, Another To Move In
On the heels of the last system comes another storm flow that will dump snow on southwestern Colorado starting today and may bring measurable snowfall to the metro areas by the weekend. The last storm did little by way of accumulation for the Northern Front Range but did drop quite a bit of snowfall over the high country. You can see the totals here: The next storm is already visible in the state and will spread impact virtually from border to border throughout the next several days, the eff
Denver Snow
Timing and Impacts of the Next Round of Snow
Saturday's snowfall forecast is still mostly valid. We say, "mostly valid," just because some of the model imagery has changed a bit and there's been a drop in some snowfall indicators for the Denver area but we feel that the snowfall ratio being higher with this event's colder temperatures remains justification to keep with the previously published forecast, (read that forecast here) [